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  1. Thank you. In vivo iqoo the ads are irritating and it’s good to spend little more on Motorola to have clean interface. But all along you criticised telling pricey fir this level etc and ended up saying it’s worth every penny you spent on it… Why contradiction?

    1. I mean, it’s pricey compared to its competition. A normal user won’t care about the UI if they get the smartphone at a cheaper price. All in all, its a solid option, if you want to experience the stock UI otherwise, you can also get similar specs with custom Android skin at a lower price too.

      1. Actually a normal user might care about ui more than camera. UI is what you consistently interact with everyday you use a phone. When it comes to cameras, it has its uses only when the occasion demands it, even then a good GCAM port will be available for Edge 30 ultra just as it will be for other android flagships.

  2. Hi,great in depth review,do you know any third party case,screen protector and camera lens protector available for it? When are they launching the 256 GB in India?

    1. It’s hard to get accessories for Motorola devices but wait for a month, you will see them on Amazon or Flipkart by a third-party seller. Also, no words from Motorola for the 256GB variant yet…