About Us

We Created MobileDrop Website in 2018 and it’s been 2 years and we learn a lot about everything and now we have some knowledge that can help the people and we think if Our team can help a single user who visited Our website then it’s an achievement for us. 

Talking about MobileDrop, this website will help you to buy the best gadget for your self. Basically, we wrote about tech gadgets that means if anything new comes up in a technical world then you will find that gadget information right here on MobileDrop. 

Behind every single blog, whether it’s a small blog or Big blog, Our team will give you the best possible result. There will be also a Gadget Review, latest Unboxing videos, Weekly Tech Update, Latest launched Product and many other categories that will help you to chose a better device for your self.

But Still, if you have any questions about anything then you can use our Contact US form or you can directly comment on any blog post that is written on the MobileDrop website, and we will promise you that you will get your answer soon as possible.

A little bit About MobileDrop.

  • Website https://mobiledrop.in/
  • Industry: Online Media Company
  • Employee: As of now only Me
  • Founded: 13, September 2018


  • Rahul Makwana is the Founder of the MobileDrop website, he also runs his personal a website name called https://rahulmakwana.com where he wrote about everything. He started his journey in Web development in 2016, after that he created MobileDrop Website.
  • Before MobileDrop Website he also created 3 websites but it doesn’t work quite well for him but after these 3 failures, he learned one thing and that is “never work for Money”.