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  1. Hi Rahul,
    Please give some informations about Stock Android smartphones.
    Which one is the Worth Buying..
    My Budget is 10-15 k.
    I am not a Gamer, just I want good display, best Chipset, I am ok with simple camera’s. Recently I buy poco m3 (6/64gb) …. but now I frustrated…. There’s a lot of literally Tons & metric tons of permissions…. And there is lot of Google Updates also…
    Now my 4/64 gb is full of (50℅) unwanted preinsttalled apps & updates ?? & this is not ok to me.
    That’s Y now I decided to buy a Stock Android smartphone.
    Please suggest a good one.
    Can I go with microwmax in 1b ? Or something else?
    Is in 1b got upadates ?
    Thank you,
    ❤ from Mysore.