Google Pixel 8 Pro Review 

– 12GB RAM + 128GB Storage: Rs 1,06,999 (India ), $999 (USA) Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay color options.

Is it Worth Buying Google Pixel 8 Pro?

It's a straight-up No for Google Pixel 8 Pro because this is too pricey a smartphone for Google is offering. Rs 1,06,999 price is not perfect and justifiable for Pixel 8 Pro from any angle.

Max, 80k or 85k would have been a good price like Pixel 7 Pro but this time, google went all in like Indian users will buy our phone at whatever price. 

It's true there will be some users who love the Pixel OS and will buy Pixel 8 Pro but there will be lots of people who will prefer the Samsung and Apple over Google over 1 Lakh price.

During the throttle test, Google Pixel 8 Pro went up to 55% which isn’t a good sign but it is better compared to the Pixel 7 Pro which went up 57%.

Long story short, Pixel 8 Pro is not value for money device. It's too much to ask for what Google is offering at Rs 1,06,999.

The 6.70-inch LTPO OLED is perfect for all kinds of needs, on top of that, Google has added a massive 2400 nits peak brightness which means, everything on the screen will be clearly visible under the sunlight.

In short, the Pixel 8 Pro has a great display and the same can be said for the build quality as well. After all, this is a $999 (Rs 1,06,999 – India) smartphone.

As this is a Pro model, it has all the great features from HDR support to Widevine L1 but sadly, it has an optical fingerprint sensor. This means fingerprints won’t work if your fingers are wet.

Google Tensor G3 is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or even Apple A17 Pro but it won’t give you a hard time while playing games or even using a smartphone in day-to-day usage.

7 Years of Security and 7 Years of OS updates, bold claim, right? I’m just hoping that Tensor G3 will be able to last for the next 7 years. Otherwise,7 years of updates won’t make any sense.

Google Pixel 8 Pro has a 50MP primary sensor, 48MP ultra-wide lens, and 48MP 5x telephoto lens while there is a 10.50MP selfie shooter on the front.

FYI, the boosted Video feature will be out by December 2023. This is what Google said, it may even take longer. 

The 5X Optical telephoto lens is upgraded and it’s perfect. So if you’re someone who wants to sink into someone else’s windows then this is a perfect sensor, it’s not as good as what Samsung offers with Galaxy S30 Ultra.

For Pro users, Google has added PRO camera mode which is only available in Pixel 8 Pro. It’s nothing new, it has all the settings that you can play with like changing the ISO or shutter speed.

The selfie camera is kind of meh, it doesn’t justify the $999 or Rs 1,06,999 price tag at all. 

I’m not saying that front cameras are worse but when the device is expensive then the expenses are high. So in the case of Pixel 8 Pro, I’m feeling that high.

Long story short, yes, Google Pixel 8 Pro takes the best images but when it comes to videos, it’s not perfect. It’s not bad but as Google says, the Pixel 8 Pro takes better videos than the iPhone, this is an utter lie.

The 5,050mAh battery will last for a day without any sort of problem

Stereo speakers are there and they’re perfect. They go loud, they’re clear and also have bass too. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro is pricey and its better if you can skip it but if you have money to spend then you can consider it, you won't regret it.


But if you're reading this till now that means, you want value for money device and in this case, kindly, skip the Pixel 8 Pro and consider either Galaxy S23 Ultra or iPhone. If your budget is above 1 Lakh.