Google Pixel Watch 2 Review

Rs 39,999 ($359 - USA) Polished Silver, Matte Black, Champagne Gold color options.

Is it Worth Buying Google Pixel Watch 2?

Here is the simple answer,  wait for the Pixel Watch 3 but if you want to buy a Google Watch for some reason then you can consider it. It's just that, this is not the best Android Watch yet, still, Galaxy Watches are better then this.

Google has added tons of Fitbit features but lots of them comes with monthly Fitbit subscription which will not work in India.   

Its would be better, if you go with Galaxy Watch 5 or even Watch 5. 

Also, for some reason, the LTE version is not available in India and ECG doesn't work in India.

The 1.2-inch 1000 nits AMOLED display is solid for what it offers but you can’t ignore those bezels all around it. It’s too much for what we have in the market.

Of course, the display is responsive and smooth. Also, the IP68 is there, if you want to use the watch under the water.

The WearOS 4, is clean and has deep integration with all the Google products from To Do list to calendars. This time, Google has added Dynamic Theme support.

OneUI for Watch also runs on WearOS but Samsung has optimized the UI better and has better integration with Samsung phones than what Pixel Watch 2 has with the Pixel Smartwatch.

This time, Google has added a few new sensors which they borrowed from Fitbit. The Pixel Watch 2 has an Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, altimeter, compass, SpO2, thermometer (skin temperature), and skin conductance.

For those who don’t know, the ECG won’t work in India because they’re yet to get approval from the Indian government. We don’t know yet whether the Gov is not giving permission or something else.

The end story with Pixel Watch 2 is “Google has made lots of improvements, they have fixed lots of things and made a better smartwatch for health tracking. So yes, Pixel Watch 2 does provide accurate health data ”

The watch has a single speaker and a single microphone, and the quality is good. You can make calls, receive calls, and even reject the calls directly from the watch.

1-day battery life, that’s what Google is saying and it’s kind of true.

WearOS is a heavy OS and it needs power. So,  if you use all the features from 24/7 heart rate, SpO2, ECG, stress monitoring, Bluetooth calling, and all the other features then you won’t get the 24-hour battery life.

By the way, the watch doesn’t have wireless charging support. What Don’t know what to say to this…

In short, the Pixel Watch 2 is improved and has tons of new features but it’s not as good as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or even Watch 6.


In short, the Pixel Watch 2 is improved and has tons of new features but it’s not as good as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or even Watch 6.

Pixel watches are only two years old and they will get better with time. So if you’re someone who doesn’t buy a smartwatch every single year then it makes more sense to go with Samsung.