JBL C100 TWS Review

Truly wireless earphones are in high demand right now because most of the smartphone manufacturers are removing 3.5mm audio port from the phones. Now, if you want to buy TWS earbud and if your budget is below Rs 5,000 then JBL C100TWS could be a great option for you. So first let’s do the in-depth review and find out whether its worth buying or not?

JBL C100TWS India Price

JBL C100TWS is priced at Rs 3,999 and its sold via Flipkart IN website. One more thing, this TWS earbuds won’t get discount cut in selling days, so if you’re waiting for sale then don’t because the price won’t come to 3k or 2k.

Update 29th October 2020: JBLC100 TWS is now available at Rs 2,499. So if you TWS earbuds then just go for this one because you won’t get better deal then this every again.

I’m not going talk about technical specifications or hows the mid-tone and high-tone, I’m going to share my personal experience and I will tell whether you should invest your money in this JBL C100TWS earbuds or not? Now let’s begin

Build Quality

Earlier I have posted RealMe Buds Air Review were I said, “RealMe Buds Air build quality is not very good, it feels like cheap plastic”. Here, with JBL C10TWS, it’s not the case, used plastic is very good and I would say, at 4k, JBL has done it good Job.

What I’m saying, JBL has provided good quality plastic that said, its budget TWS earbuds, so don’t expect premium build quality. I’m happy with what I have right now, no complaints about build quality.

Sound Quality

I said, no technical specification but here me out. JBL has provided 5.6mm driver yet its one of the best TWS earbud available below 5k in India. Believe me, I have used RealMe Buds Air and right now I’m using JBL C100TWS, here, I would say, JBL C100TWS sounds way-way better then RealMe Bus Air.

You see, RealMe has used 11mm drive while JBL has used 5.6mm drivers, and still, JBL sounds way better. So what we learn, JBL is Audio company while RealMe is a smartphone company that also makes earbuds too.

In short, if you want the best sound quality in TWS earbud then go with JBL C100TWS but if you want more features then RealMe Buds Air is the one for you. I will add a small paragraph from RealMe buds Air review…

“More on, if you take out one earbud from your ear then music will automatically stop and reason for that is, Realme has used a dedicated “wear detection” sensor, so yes it’s a cool feature.”

RealMe buds Air is filled with tons of feature but when its come to sound quality, it doesn’t stand with JBL C100TWS.

How to connected JBL C100TWS to smartphone

To pair JBL C100TWS to your smartphone, you just need to take out the right-sided earbud and long-press the button after that buds will be connected to your smartphone. You don’t have to do anything with left-sided earbud, once that right-sided earbud is connected, the left-sided bud will be connected automatically.


JBL didn’t added tons of features here but what we get is good enough.

JBL has added diffence Gestures to each earbud. For example,

  • To pause the song, press the right-sided earbud.
  • To change the song, press the left sides earbud.
  • If you want to play the previous song, just double press the left-sided earbud.

Also, JBL didn’t provided touch capacitive buttons, it has physical buttons.

Battery Life

The JBL C100TWS comes with a 500 mAh battery. If you charge the buds for 15 minutes then it can last for 1 hour. Talking about battery life, here it depends on your use…

For example, if you listen to music at 50% volume then the buds can last for 5 hours but if you increase the volume by 70% or 80% then the time will reduce to 3.5 to 4 hours. In short, it depends on the volume level.

I usually, listen to music on 60% volume and my buds last about 4.5 hours to 5 hours. Also, that case will give you a 17-hour battery backup.

Things I don’t Like

  • For charging JBL has given USB port which is not acceptable in 2020 yet we can’t do anything, this is what you get with JBL C100TWS.
  • I have played PUBG, COD, and many other games and I found out that, this one is not built for gaming. So don’t even think about playing games on these buds.

Those are the two things which I don’t like. Do note, if you want TWS earbuds for gaming only then RealMe Buds Air is the best option available at the budget price point but if you only want earbuds for music and watching movies then JBL C100TWS is the one you need.


Still, if you want my answer then I would say, just go for it. It has the best sound quality, best bass quality, and music is also very clear, so nothing to worry about. Do note that this bud is not waterproof or sweatproof that means you can’t use these earbuds while you exercise.

Overall, if you want the best sound quality then don’t look for anything else, JBL C100TWS is what you’re looking for.

Now, do let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. Hey, the jbl c100s are being sold at 2.5 k rs. right now… and on the other hand, Jabra Elite 65T (that cost 15.5K) are being sold at 4 K rs currently… which one to buy? Will I get similar sound quality on both and save some money or,…should I go for the jabra ones??

    • If you want heavy bass then still, JBL C100 is the best TWS to get that said, if you use an equalizer to boost bass then you will get decent bass on Jabra Elite 65T otherwise it has balanced sound quality…


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