Honor Band 4 Review with Pros and Cons

Honor Band 4 Review

Right now in the market there are too many Smart Bands are available and every smart band has its own advantages but today we are going to review the best Smart Band that you can get under your budget price range and yes we are talking about Honor Band 4. So let’s take a closer look at this newly launched band and end of this article you will have a clear idea whether Honor Band 4 is for You or Not?

Honor band 4 Quick Technical Overview

The Band comes with 0.95-inches Super AMOLED display, there is also a one-touch capacitive button that can be used to turn on the Band and you can use this button in many other ways.

It also has Scientific sleep monitoring, as well as REAL-TIME heartrate monitoring. As I told you this is Smart Band that means you will get all the features like Multi-Sport mode, Smart Notifications and yes Honor band 4 is a waterproof gadget that means you can go swimming while wearing this band.

Honor claim that Honor band 4 will last for 14 days when you charge 100% but that is not 100% true because in my testing this band only last for 7 to 8 days and when you turn on the true Sleep and REAL-TIME heartrate monitoring then it will be reduced by 4 to 5 days. Now let’s jump into the Review

Design & Built

The Band is totally built on plastic and the good thing is Honor used nice quality of plastic, so if in case you drop your Honor Band 4 then it will survive.

For the first time, you will see clip band hook that menas when you wear this band in your hand the band stripe will give you better gripe than button band stripe that we have seen in Honor Band 3 & Mi band 3. On the back side, it has REAL-TIME Heartrate monitoring sensor and when you monitor your Heartrate the light will turn into green color.

Overall I haven’t found any issue regarding the design or even built quality but I just wanna say that Design of Honor band 4 is not really good, I don’t know whether you will like it or not? but I am not quite happy with this design. By the way, the Band is available in Black, Blue, and Pink color variant and the personally Blue color looks really nice then Pink or Black color.


I just wanna say “it’s way better than Mi Band 3”. The Band runs on Wear OS and it’s quite good then what I have expected, the touch is also working quite well and for now, I haven’t found any legs or slow down in UI. If you want to know more about your daily performance then you can download Honor Health App that is available in Play Store as well as on App Store.

The application interface is quite simple and you will find all the data in one single application. Overall for me, Honor band 4 is performing really well and I think if you buy this band then you will get the best possible result.

Battery & Price

As always Company haven’t mentioned the battery percentage but they said it will last for 14 days and as I told you it’s not true because in my testing this band only last for 7 to 8 days and when you turn on the true Sleep and REAL-TIME heartrate monitoring then it will be reduced by 4 to 5 days. Talking about price, Honor hand 4 is exclusive on Amazon IN and priced at Rs 25,999.

The overall price is quite justifying when you look at the features that compnay is proving, the only thing missing is GPS tracker and I am saying it because Honor band 3 did have GPS tracker, so I don’t know why company removed that in Honor band 4.

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