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RealMe Buds Air Pro Review with Pros and Cons

RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

RealMe Buds Air was not the best TWS earbuds under 4k but things changed after RealMe launched a Pro version of that same earbuds. The RealMe Buds Air Pro is priced at Rs 4,999 which is a bit expensive but RealMe has also added active noise cancellation that is a premium feature available in budget price tag. So let’s see how good these TWS earbuds sound.

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RealMe Buds Air Pro India Price

RealMe Buds Air Pro is priced at Rs 4,999 in India and it’s available in Black and White colour option, you can buy this TWS buds from Flipkart and RealMe India website.

Sound Quality

RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

RealMe Buds Air Pro has 10mm bass boost drivers that mean this TWS earbud should give the best bass but that’s not the case with Pro version. When you pair this earbud to the RealMe link app, you will see the option to enable ‘boost bass’ but even after enabling this option, there is no huge improvement in bass quality.

You can get extra bass after enabling that option but it doesn’t work the best and sometimes it just messed up with sound quality. Even if you want that extra bass, I would say, just disable the ‘boost bass’ and use as it is.

This too has Bluetooth 5.0 which means there won’t be a huge problem in connectivity. One thing I like about this buds is loudness because I have tested the last generation and that wasn’t very loud but with RealMe Buds Air Pro, Realme has solved that problem.

Call Quality

RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

This is not the best TWS earbuds for calls because it’s not. For example, if you’re in a crowded place, other people on the call won’t able to hear you very clearly and you will get creaking noise sometimes. I hope, it can be solved with an update but if not then you can to look for other TWS earbuds or you can just take look at OPPO W51 on Amazon.

Active noise cancellation

Read very carefully, if you gonna buy Buds Air Pro just because it has ANC then just don’t because RealMe didn’t implement ANC in the right way. As this is in-ear TWS earbuds that means, it will reduce the outside sound, so there is no need to give ANC and if RealMe want to give ANC then give a good one.

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It looks like, RealMe has added ANC just to sell more earbuds because ANC is a premium feature. In short, ANC is a good option to have but after using RealMe Buds Air Pro, I feel like, it doesn’t make a huge difference because ANC is not implemented very well.

The Buds also has S1 chip inside which will be helpful in gaming. It will give about 94ms Low Latency which is very good if you gonna play games using RealMe Buds Air Pro.

Overall, Sound quality is not that bad under Rs 5,000. You can get better TWS earbuds then RealMe Buds Air Pro but hey, if you want that Apple look like earbuds then this is the best option to go with.

Build Quality and Comfort

RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

A single earbud weighs only 5g which is good. This comes with rubber ear tips that mean it will fit perfectly in your ears, you just need to choose perfect ear tips for your ears. Talking about myself, I just went with default one, that fitted well for me, so try out different once and see which fits in your ears.

The RealMe Buds Air Pro comes with the plastic build but its glossy plastic, so it will get dirty, also the charging box has glossy plastic. So be careful, it will get dirty and it will get scratches very easily.

There is nothing to worry about build quality. One thing I noticed, I always felt like, somehow, the buds will fall from my ears, I wasn’t very confident while earing this buds. By the way, this may not the case with you but I felt it’s not the best earbuds to wear while running or just walking around.


RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

The buds Air Pro has the same feature like Buds Air, so let me just copy some paragraph from Buds Air Review…

Talking about gestures,

  1. To pause/play the song, you need to double-tap on buds.
  2. To change the song, you need to triple tap on buds.
  3. To active gaming mode, you need to press for 3 seconds on buds.
  4. You can also, use RealMe Link apps to set gestures as you like. For example, you can set double-tap to change the song.

More on, if you take out one earbud from your ear then music will automatically stop and reason for that is, Realme has used a dedicated “wear detection” sensor, so yes it’s a cool feature.

Now let’s talk about the bad stuff, Gestures and Function are great to have in tiny earphones but if it’s not accurate then worth it. This is what I have noticed with Realme buds air.  Those double-tap and triple tap is not very accurate, you need to try those gestures for at least two or three times and then the buds will pause the song or change the song.

In short, it’s not 100% accurate and it never will but it’s good to have these features in a budget wireless earphones. The Buds Air Pro also has IPX4 Water Resistant which means, a little bit of water will be good but it’s not Waterproof. So don’t just take shower while wearing Buds Pro.

Battery Life

RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

First let’s see, what RealMe has to say about battery life. As per RealMe, the RealMe Buds Air Pro will give about 25hr of battery backup while ANC on, it will give about 20hr battery life. Also, 10 minutes of charging will give 1hr of battery backup. That is what RealMe has written on their website, now, talking about myself.

With ANC OFF, the buds Air Pro will give about 17hr to 18hr while with ANC ON, the buds will give about 14hr to 15hr battery backup. One thing to note, the buds Air Pro doesn’t support wireless charging like Buds Air, so keep that thing in mind.

Now, the battery life will depend on you because if you use these buds at 100% volume then it could last for only 2 hours and if you listen to music at 50% volume then it could last for 3 hours also. Also, it has a Type-C port which very-very good because nowadays who uses a normal USB cable.

Conclusion: RealMe Buds Air Pro

RealMe Buds Air Pro Review

RealMe Buds Air Pro is not the best TWS earbuds available at Rs 4,999 but it’s one of the best. If you want the best ones then I would say just go with OPPO Ecno W51 TWS earbuds which is also priced at Rs 4,999. Of course, if you want the Apple look-like design at a budget price then yes, Buds Air Pro is the best option. Now, if you to decide, whether you want the best sound quality or better design or copied design?

RealMe Buds Air Pro Pros and Cons


Long Lasting BatteryAverage bass
Low latency gaming modeANC is not implemented well
Better ControlsGestures are not accurate
IPX2 ratingAverage Call Quality
Type-C for Charging

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