OnePlus Buds Review with Pros and Cons

OnePlus Buds Review

Most of the smartphone brands are removing 3.5mm audio jack, so they can launch their TWS earbuds. Now, OnePlus has also made its debut in TWS earbud market with first OnePlus Buds which is kind of replica of Pixel buds and Apple AirPod 2. Now, this does look like Apple Airpod but It’s priced at Rs 4,999 which is kind amazing because Apple is charging about 15k and OnePlus launched 5k.

So let’s review the OnePlus Buds and see whether it’s worth buying or it’s just another TWS earbud from Mobile brand.

OnePlus Buds Sound Quality

OnePlus Buds Review

As you can tell, OnePlus Buds has 13.4mm audio driver which is great for TWS earbuds. Also, it sounds very good but this comes with plastic ear tips that mean, it won’t block your ears properly, somehow outside noise will enter in your ear. This is the reason why OnePlus buds don’t have the best bass. If the buds don’t fit properly then how you will hear, drum sound clearly.

OnePlus has also launched the OnePlus Buds Z which has rubber ear tips but that’s priced at 3k and it loses out on some feature but that one is value for money product. Talking about OnePlus buds, the earbuds do go very load, there is nothing to worry about sound quality. You will able to listen to all kind of instruments without any problem.

The thing gets a little bit tricky when it’s come to bass. The OnePlus Buds doesn’t have the best bass quality under Rs 5,000, if you’re looking for heavy bass then choose one which has rubber ear tips.

OnePlus Buds Review

Call Quality

OnePlus Buds comes with a dual microphone that means there won’t be any kind of problem in call quality. So if you make lots of calls then this could save your time because there won’t be any kind of issue in audio.


As I have told you, this one is not built for bass-heavy music because it has plastic ear tips. So if you’re bass person then I would say, take look at JBL C100TWS or OPPO Enco W51.

OnePlus Buds Build Quality and Comfort

OnePlus Buds Review 50

I’m not a big fan of plastic ear tips because I’m not comfortable with this kind of design, I always feel, somehow, the buds will fall down. I have also used RealMe Buds Air which has the same design as OnePlus buds. So this one is not for me but if you like what Apple has made and if you want something similar at budget price range then OnePlus buds could be that earbuds.

The OnePlus buds are made out of plastic but the hinge is made out of metal, so it will last longer than any other TWS earbuds. Also, keep in mind, don’t go running while wearing OnePlus buds because it will fall down very easily because it has plastic ear tips.

In short, OnePlus buds are very comfortable to wear but it make fall down after sometime. The single bud weight is about 4.7 grams while case weight is about 37 grams.

OnePlus buds Features

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As this is OnePlus IoT Products, OnePlus has added tons of feature. First let’s see, how gestures will work…

Talking about gestures,

  1. To pause/play the song, you need to double-tap on buds.
  2. To change the song, you need to triple tap on buds.
  3. You can also, use OnePlus Buds apps to set gestures as you like. For example, you can set double-tap to change the song.
  4. You can also set different control on each bud by using the OnePlus Buds app.

OnePlus has also launched the OnePlus Buds app where you can control the buds. It has options like, equalizer, navigation gestures and tons of other option which was earlier available on only OnePlus device. Now, if you don’t have OnePlus device then there is nothing to worry about you will get all the same option on a non-OnePlus device with the help of OnePlus Buds App.

As I have told you, it also has a dual microphone which will very helpful in calling and that rubber ear tips will reduce the outside noise. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 support that means there is nothing to worry about connectivity.

It also has an IP55 rating that means it can handle sweat and a little bit of water. For those who are wondering, this can be used while exercising because it’s water-resistant, so a little bit of water won’t harm the buds.

OnePlus Battery Life

OnePlus Buds Review

OnePlus buds case will give about 30hr of battery life while single buds will give about 7hr of battery life, this is what OnePlus claim but here is something you have to know. You will get 30hr battery backup but when you use the OnePlus buds at 50% volume but if you keep the volume at 70% or 90% then the battery will come down to 25hr to 27hr.

The Buds charging case has 420mAh battery while single buds have 35mAh battery. The charging case will take about 80 minutes to charge 0% to 100%. The OnePlus buds also support warp charging technology that means the charging case can be charge very fast, 10 minutes of charging will give about 10hr of battery life while buds will give 2hr battery life in 10 minutes.

Conclusion: OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds Review

If you want long-lasting battery life, Apple looks like design and if you own OnePlus device then OnePlus buds are best TWS earbud to get but if you can compromise a little bit in battery and if you want best sound & bass quality then I would say OPPO Enco W51 is the best TWS earbuds you can buy.

OnePlus Buds Pros and Cons

Sound QualityBass is not very heavy
Excellent Call Quality Plastic Ear tipes
Fast Charging
IP55 Rating
Bluetooth 5.0

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