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OnePlus Buds Z Review with Pros and Cons

OnePlus Buds Z Review

OnePlus had launched OnePlus Buds earlier but that was a bit expensive and somethings were missing on those buds. Now, OnePlus is back with another TWS earbuds but it’s budget-friendly and this does look and sounds better than any other TWS in this price range. So let’s review the OnePlus Buds Z and find out whether you should spend Rs 2,999 or not?

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OnePlus buds Z Price in India

OnePlus Buds Z is priced at Rs 2,999 and it’s available in Grey and White colour options but it’s not available on Amazon which is kind surprising because most of the OnePlus products are available on Amazon. If you want to buy OnePlus Buds then you have to buy from Now, it’s time to jump into the OnePlus Buds Z review…

OnePlus Buds Z Sound Quality

OnePlus Buds Z Review

When TWS earbuds have the rubber ear tips, it will try to give best sound quality and this is the case with newly launched OnePlus Buds Z. It also has the 10nm dynamic audio drivers with boosted bass. I have used the OnePlus Buds but after using the buds Z, I feel like, this budget TWS is value for money product.

I haven’t face any problem while watching movies or even while listening to music, everything worked very well on OnePlus Buds Z. This also supports Dolby Atoms that means you can config the setting according to your comfort, so if your device supports the Dolby Atoms then you will get best out of this TWS earbuds.

OnePlus Buds Z Review

Call Quality

The OnePlus Buds Z has dual microphones and it works best, I mean if you’re I crowded place even then another person on call will hear you very clearly without any problem. That dual-microphone does help in calls, so there is nothing to worry about.

Bass Quality

OnePlus has an option to tuned on extra bass in the OnePlus Buds App and it gives some extra bass but it’s not too heavy. It’s somewhere in middle, so if you want very heavy bass then you have to buy expensive buds but when you buy buds that have heavy bass then you will lose out in sound quality.

I feel, OnePlus buds have balanced bass it’s not too extra and not too low, so I think, there won’t be any problem in the bass. Still, if you prefer clear sound quality over extra bass then this is not the good option to go with.

OnePlus Buds Z Build Quality and Comfort

OnePlus Buds Z Review

Like every single budget TWS earbuds, this too comes with a plastic build and considering the price tag, I think, OnePlus didn’t compromise in the build. I also feel like, at Rs 2,999, OnePlus Buds Z has the best build quality and OnePlus has also used good quality plastic and magnets, it’s not like RealMe Buds Air Neo.

As I have told you, this one comes with rubber ear tips, so it’s very comfortable as compared to OnePlus buds. OnePlus has also provided extra rubber ear tips, so if that pre-applied ear tip doesn’t fit very well then you can try out different ones to get a perfect fit.

Overall, at Rs 2,999, can’t complain much about build quality. I would say, If you’re planning to buy OnePlus Buds Z then just skip that one and go with Buds Z because this is value for money product. By the way, single bud weight is about 4.35 grams hile with the case the weight is about 40 grams.

OnePlus buds Z Features

OnePlus Buds Z Review

As this is OnePlus IoT Products, OnePlus has added tons of feature. First let’s see, how gestures will work…

Talking about gestures,

  1. To pause/play the song, you need to double-tap on buds.
  2. To change the song, you need to triple tap on buds.
  3. You can also, use OnePlus Buds apps to set gestures as you like. For example, you can set double-tap to change the song.
  4. You can also set different control on each bud by using the OnePlus Buds app.

OnePlus has also launched the OnePlus Buds app where you can control the buds. It has options like, equalizer, navigation gestures and tons of other option which was earlier available on only OnePlus device. Now, if you don’t have OnePlus device then there is nothing to worry about you will get all the same option on a non-OnePlus device with the help of OnePlus Buds App.

As I have told you, it also has a dual microphone which will very helpful in calling and that rubber ear tips will reduce the outside noise. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 support that means there is nothing to worry about connectivity.

It also has an IP55 rating that means it can handle sweat and a little bit of water. For those who are wondering, this can be used while exercising because it’s water-resistant, so a little bit of water won’t harm the buds.

OnePlus Z Battery Life

OnePlus Buds Z Review

As per OnePlus, the Buds Z case will give about 20 hours of battery life while buds will give about 4 hours of battery life. Now, keep in mind, the battery life depends on your use. For example, if you keep the buds volume at 90% then it could be dead in only 2.5 hours or less but if you keep the volume at 50% then it may give above 4 hours of battery life.

If the buds went down to 0% battery then there is nothing to worry about because the buds can give 3 hours of battery backup with only 10 minutes of charging which is a must-have feature.

Overall, expect 3.5 hour battery with 70% of volume.

Conclusion: OnePlus Buds Z

OnePlus Buds Z Review

If your budget is Rs 2,999 and if you want best TWS earbuds then don’t look for anything else, OnePlus buds Z is the best option for you. It has almost everything single future that you can find in premium TWS earbuds. Of course, it doesn’t have the heavy bass but It gives the best sound quality and it gives 3 hours of battery in only 10 minutes of charging. So yes, OnePlus Buds Z is worth buying and it’s value for money product.

OnePlus Buds Z Pros and Cons

Best Sound QualityBass is not very heavy
Excellent Call Quality Plastic unibody
Fast Charging
Comfortable to wear
IP55 Rating
Bluetooth 5.0
Quick Switcher Button

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