Forget About iPhone 13 Series, here First look at the iPhone 14? Notchless?

iPhone 14 First look
iPhone 14 First look

Hey, I’m not kidding, we just got the first look for the upcoming iPhone 14. iPhone 13 series is about to launch on 14 September 2021 and before, iPhone 14 got leaked?

Yes, the iPhone 14 renders are leaked by Jon Prosser and he has a pretty good record.

Now, as you can see, there is no display notch, it has been replaced with a punch hole. If you see it very closely, it’s a tiny punch hole and it will feature the face-ID.

iPhone 14 First look

Moving to design, there is a notable change in volume buttons and power buttons. Also, Apple is switching back to a rounded design with iPhone 14 series.

Sometime back, there were rummers that the iPhone 14 will be portless but looking at these leaked readers, we need to wait for that.

iPhone 14 First look image

Now, this is just a leak, so the final product may come out different but as per, Jon Prosser, this is going to be the iPhone 14 which will launch in 2022.

You can also see, different colours which can be different when iPhone 14 launches.

Almost all the iPhone has camera bump but with the iPhone 14, its gone 100%.

Also, for those who have hope that iPhone 14 will have a Type-C port then don’t get your hopes up because it looks like, Apple will stick to the lightning port for another year.

Another thing, if you want to see, iPhone 14 renders in AR then you can do that by clicking here. I have tried it on iPad, it looks amazing, give it try.

That was it, there are no details on specs yet but don’t worry we will get it very soon. Also do let us know, what you think about the iPhone 14 Design. I mean, if this turned out to be true then, it’s going to be huge for iPhone 13 users.


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