All new Features of iPadOS & how to install in your current iPad

iPad OS is here

Yesterday Apple announced their latest iOS 13 for all the product but this time they did something new for iPads because now it will be called iPadOS and yes you will net some new feature that is not available in iOS 13. So let’s take a closer look at iPadOS and I gonna teach you how you can Install iPadOS on your current iPads.

New Home Screen – iPadOS

One of the big changes you will see when you install iPadOS on your iPad because now you will add more application in one layout. There are also widgets era as well that menas you can add your favorite widgets on the home screen like headlines, weather, calendar, events, tips and more. Overall you will get the new feel as compared to iOS 12 because now it’s a totally new OS that is specially designed for iPads.

File App

As we all know File app is one of the main things for users because it lets you manage all your document and many other things and now with iPadOS you can do much more than that. It now supports external drives, you can also plug USB drives, SD card and more than that you can now use a mouse which means you will get a laptop like a feel. There is also an option to create PDF files and you can now use ZIP files, there is also some new keyboard shortcut that might help you if you mostly use File App.

Safari Browsing

So the biggest problem in safari is a mobile version of browsing right, so now that is not the case with iPadOS because now it will automatically create a desktop version for your web pages, for example, if you are editing video on YouTube then it will automatically show you the desktop version.

Split View

So when you have 12-inches screen that menas you don’t want to use only two application at the same time right because it doesn’t make any sense that why with iPadOS you can use multiple application at the same time and you can also drag and drop URL, pictures, video from one app to another at the same time. In short, you will get the desktop like feel.

Apple Pencil

Now Apple Pencil is specially designed for iPads because you will get some new features that are not currently available in iOS 12. Now if you want to send entire webpage or want to send an email to someone via iPad then you can swipe Apple Pencil from the corner of the screen. There are also some new changes that you will notice when you use apple notes.

Additional Features

  • Dark Mode: Like iOS 13 your current iPads will also get Dark Mode in iPadOS, you can directly enable Dark Mode in setting application.
  • Custom Font: Now with all new iPadOS you can use your favorite font to create PDF files or anything you want. It will be available when you install iPadOS beta on your current iPad.
  • Sign in with Apple: As you know if you want to sign in into any website then there is an option like ” Sign in with Facebook”, “Sign in with Google” right but now there will be a new option and it’s going to be “Sign in with Apple“.

There are also other features as well but those are some of the key features that you will notice first when you install iPadOS.

How to Install iOS 13 or iPadOS

It’s a simple process, you just need to open this link and follow the given instruction. There will be a beta sign up a program and you just need to log in with your apple id and it will show four option tvOS, macOS, iPadOS, and iOS 13 you just need to select your device and you good to go.

List Of Device that will get iPadOS

    1. iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)
    2. iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)
    3. iPad Pro 12.9 (2015)
    4. iPad Pro 11
    5. iPad Pro 10.5
    6. iPad Pro 9.7
    7. iPad 9.7 (2018)
    8. iPad 9.7 (2017)
    9. iPad Air
    10. iPad Air 2
    11. iPad mini 2019
    12. iPad mini 4

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