Apple is planning to launch Smart Keyboard with built-in trackpad

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If you’re using iPad Pro and if you have an Apple-branded keyboard then the only thing you miss is the trackpad. So your problem might solve this year because as per a recent report, Apple is planning to launch Smart Keyboard with a built-in trackpad. Yet, it’s not official but it’s 99% confirmed that upcoming Apple’s keyboard will ship with trackpad this year.

Update March 17, 2020, at 03:13 Apple launched the iPad Pro 2020 with Magic keyboard which has a built-in trackpad, also, Mac Book Pro got an upgrade.

  1. New iPad Pro 2020
  2. New MacBook Pro 2020

Now we all know, how hard apple is trying to convince people that you can replace your computer with an iPad. However, with iPad Pro, Apple did give the type-C port and by using that you can use Mouse or anything else but you need to carry a mouse with you whenever you go.

So I think with this new keyboard, a thing will become easier. As per the report, the company has already ordered mass production of the product and Foxconn could manufacturer this new accessory for Apple.

This all-new New iPad Pro Smart Keyboard with the trackpad is expected to be “made of materials similar” to the current Smart Keyboard. So materials are going to be the same as what current Smart Keyboard has, the design may change a little bit because Apple will add trackpad.

Do note, Apple could also launch backlit Smart Keyboard this year. As per Apple, you can do anything on the iPad, so this could be one step extra for that. There is no doubt iPad’s are powerful but you can’t do what you can do with a computer but still, let’s see what Apple does this year.

To sum it up, we’re getting, Apple-branded Keyboard with a built-in trackpad this, so get ready. For now, we don’t have any other information but if anything comes up it will be updated here.

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