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Top 10 coolest features of iOS 12

IOS 12 update and features

iOS 12 just arrived and so far this is the best OS you can get on your iPad or iPhone. The wait is over now and if you haven’t installed iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad then go to your setting menu and install iOS 12 right away.

And every single Apple device will get iOS 12 on their device, just go to your Setting > General and click on Software update and an update will show up.


Performance has been a great part of iOS, and this time with iOS 12 you are going get more enhanced and fastest experience ever in your iPhone. The camera App will launch 70 per cent faster then the iOS 11 and the keyboard is more responsive than the previous version.

Working on multiple sites at the same time, it’s a quite hectic right and some time apps take extra time to reload the servers, and it’s not that great feeling while working but with this update, all the apps will work like batter and even if you are working on very heavy software or even in multiple sites, iOS 12 will handle all those stuff very easily.

Screen Time

This is one of my favourite features on iOS so far because when you are watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, you don’t how many hours you spend on that particular application. Here what you can do, with the help of this feature you can set some specific time for a particular application or game, and when you extend the time limit, this feature will remind you.


The photos app has been a great part of the iPhone, and this time with iOS 12 you gonna get some more features on photos app. Apple added new tab name called FOR YOU, on this tab you will find  your featured photos, Effect Suggestion, and many other options as well

Searching photos on your iPhone is enhanced and easier than ever, also RAW support for editing images. Now you can find your photos based on the place, evens, and business name


If you are using an iPhone then you can’t deny that you don’t know what is iMessage. Apple has added some more Memoji like  T-Rex, ghost, koala, and tiger, and yes you can also make Memoji wink and stick out their tongue

Also, you are going to get some more filters, text effects, iMessage sticker, and shapes. And now you can record Animoji up to 30 seconds. There is also more improvement in iMessage application that you can notice when you install iOS 12 On your device

Notification, Siri, DND, Camera,  Apple Book, Apple Music  and Face time

Notification is going to get a new look and now you can easily access the application directly from the Notification bar. Do Not Disturb option is also get some extra features like, during Bedtime hide all notifications from the lock screen

With Siri you can do much more as you can directly add your own Siri Shortcuts in Settings > Siri Search and also apple added some more features that you can easily notice when installing iOS 12 on your device. The camera app also gets some cool features like, QR codes are highlighted in the camera frame and portrait mode is improved little more

Apple Book and Apple music also get some major improvements. Now Face Time Support up-to 32 people, that means you can now connect with up to 32 people at the same time

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