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    1. Hey, I’m not saying Galaxy M33 is a bad phone, it’s the best phone for Samsung users but I don’t think it’s worth buying over RealMe 9 Pro & POCO X4 Pro, or any other phone that matter. In the end, you’re buying a smartphone and not a company, so buy the phone that provides value…

      1. I purchased M33 5G (6GB+128 GB) in Rs 15,200 (Rs 15,999 minus 5% Amazon ICICI CC Cashback) on 13th June,2022.
        On 20th June, 2022, it was avdilable at Rs 13,775 (Rs 14,499 minus 5% Amazon ICICI CC Cashback) but I had already purchased as above.
        I got original charger at Rs 800 in online sale.
        This is amazing phone at this price point.
        TFT Display is as good as low quality Amoled of some brands.
        I liked the Samsung OneUI. Poco and Realme can never match Samsung UI.
        I already got Amdroid 13/One UI 5.0 in early December,2022.
        Camera options are amazing though specs are low. Even 8 MP Front Camera is quite good.
        Virtual RAM makes the total RAM as 12 GB.
        Call quality is outstanding.
        Single speaker is louder than dual speaker of some phones below Rs 15,000.
        Only issue is that Youtube App plays only upto 1080p not 1440p or 2160p (4K), as of now. Hope, Samsung resolves it soon.
        Can go for it, if available in Rs 15000 and below even today despite reduction in price of mobile phones.
        If we want to spend Rs 20,000 then go for M53 5G.

  1. It has a 3.5mm Audio jack, Gorilla Glass 5, UFS 2.2, and also its display is better than a weak amoled at this price. Please use the phone once to review it. thank you. Oh and as for the Poco X4 Pro 5G it’s about 25% more expensive and not in the same category and in that category the A33 or even A34 are much better. Even M33 has more power than that poco.

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