OPPO to announce its in-display camera phone on 26 June at MWC  

In-display camera OPPO

Earlier OPPO shared video on their twitter account showcasing an in-display selfie camera phone and now they confirmed via a promotional poster that they will unveil the world’s first in-display selfie phone on 26 June at MWC Shangai 2019.

Talking about in-display camera phone, the smartphone will not have any kind display notch which menas you can access the full display panel and yes we may not any bezel on the bottom side. For now, we don’t know how OPPO’s in-display selfie camera technology will work but one thing is confirmed that it will take some time to get perfect like in-display fingerprint sensors.

On the other hand, Xiaomi also posted a short video on their twitter account right after OPPO, but Xiaomi hasn’t announced anything regarding their coming in-display selfie camera phone. The big question is, how well selfie camera can capture the images because we all know even gorilla glass 6 is not scratch proof right, so if in case the display got scratch then how well selfie camera will take images. So for now, we can just wait for the technology and see how it works in day to day life.

One thing is confirmed that it will be very expensive, so if you want to buy OPPO’s in-display camera phone then start saving your money but yes after 1 or 2 years we may see in budget category phones but for now, it will be expensive.

So let’s wait for 26 June and see what OPPO will give us. Now you guys can let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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