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Weekly Tech Update

WhatsApp Beta reported in-app browser & WhatsApp image search

Whatsapp beta update

Nowadays security is very important for everyone and when any country has election time, we all see lot’s fake news online and most of the people do share that fake images or URL on their social media account right. But now WhatsApp take a big decision on fake news and to stop fake news WhatsApp is working on an in-application browser and image search option and those features are spotted on WhatsApp beta 2.19.74 version.

WhatsApp Image Search.

Basically, this feature will inform the user about fake images, like if someone sends you an image but you don’t know whether its fake or real? to know that WhatsApp added ” Search by Image ” button on the right side of your chat, when you tap on that button, WhatsApp will scan that image with the help of Google and it will tell you whether its fake or real. In short, it will help to stop fake news

In-application browser

Like WhatsApp Image Search, this one will also help the users to know whether the image is fake or real. For example, if someone sends you a URL and when you tap on that URL, it will open that URL in WhatsApp application and scan that URL and let you know whether its fake or real.

For now, those two new features are available only in WhatsApp beta 2.19.74 version, and if you want to enrol in the beta program then just type ” WhatsApp beta program ” on google and tap on the first link & follow the remaining instruction or you can click right here 


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