Micromax IN 1B Review with Pros and Cons


Micromax is back with two new smartphones and if you look at the specifications then you will say, these are the best budget smartphones to buy but that’s not that case. The Micromax IN 1B is powered by MediaTek Helio G35 processor and this is the best SoC to get at 7k but there is more to it and that is what we’re about to find out today.

Also, if you’re planning to buy Micromax IN Note 1 then don’t buy before reading this review because this IN Note 1 has lots of bugs which could change your mind. Now, let’s review IN 1B and see is it worth spend Rs 6,999 or not?

Micromax IN 1B Price in India

Micromax IN 1B price in India starts from Rs 6,999 for 2GB of Ram and 32GB storage while 4GB of Ram and 64GB version is priced at Rs 7,999 and this too will be available from 24th November 2020 at noon via Flipkart website.

Display Quality

Micromax IN 1B Review
Display Size6.50-inch HD+ LCD display
Resolutions720 x 1600 pixels resolution
Display Brightness400 nits
Screen Refresh Rate60Hz refresh rate

The Micromax IN 1B comes with 6.50-inches HD+ LCD display and at this price tag, you can’t really complain about the screen. Also, Micromax has done a good job with a screen this time, it’s not like IN Note 1. Everything works great on IN 1B.

As I have said in IN Note 1 Review, if you want to use three or more finger while playing any games then it won’t work, the phone only supports two fingers. I hope, this is only a software problem and not a hardware problem. In short, UI needs optimization.

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The same thing, I can’t say for IN 1B because you can use more then two fingers while doing anything. This thing I can’t get it because Micromax IN Note 1 priced at Rs 11k while IN 1B is priced at Rs 7k and yet, big brother is not working well while the younger brother is doing just fine.

This is a big phone that means it’s going to be great for media consumption and even for playing casual games. The screen brightness is also 400 nits that means you can use IN 1B under the sunlight without any problem.

Overall, display quality great on IN 1B. There is nothing to worry about the display but you have to worry about the software which I will talk about in bit…

Desing and Build Quality

Micromax IN 1B Review
BuildGlass front, plastic back, plastic frame

There is nothing to talk about here because the build quality is the same as Micromax IN Note 1. The Micromax IN 1B comes with Glass front, plastic back, plastic frame and as I have said, Micromax has used Caihong Glass instant of Corning Gorilla glass. Also, this is a 7k smartphone, so can’t complain much about build quality.

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Talking about the design, here I would say, Micromax has nailed it. The phone looks great in hand, I know, it has a plastic back but the way Micromax designed this phone is just amazing. I think you will appreciate the design.

Overall, the phone is made out of plastic which is fine because most of the phones are coming with plastic body.


Micromax IN 1B Review
Camera (Rear)13 MP Primary Sensor
2 MP Depth Sensor
Video Recording (Rear)1080p@30fps
Camera (Front)8MP Selfie Shooter
Video Recording (Front)1080p@30fps

Let me put it this way, Micromax IN 1B has good camera sensors but they needs to optimize the software and if they don’t do it then I hate to say it but this is not the best phone at 7k. I have added some pictures down below so, do let me know what you think about the cameras.

Also, the images turned to be red which indicates that Micromax didn’t focus on Software, they just made comeback very quickly. The good thing is, if the object has good light then this IN 1B phone will give good image quality yet, sometimes, the image does turn out oversaturated which some people will like and some will hate.

Micromax IN 1B Review

By the way, this is the first phones from Micromax, so all the problems can be fixed by OTA updates but when Micromax will fix these problems is still a mystery.

The IN 1B can shoot videos in 1080p@30fps with both rear and front camera but it doesn’t have any kind of stabilization which is okay considering the price tag. Also, that extra 2MP depth sensor is just there, it won’t make a huge difference in image quality but it’s there if in case you want two cameras.

Overall, the camera can be very good, if Micromax optimizes the software very well but if they don’t do it then it’s not the best option to go with.

Performance and Software

Micromax IN 1B Review
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G35 SoC
CPUArm Cortex-A53 CPU
OSAndroid 10 (Pure Stock UI)

Micromax IN 1B is powered by MediaTek Helio G35 Processor and it’s running on Android 10 which is stock UI that means, there won’t be any kind of third-party apps pre-installed. I didn’t get one thing, IN Note 1 and IN 1B has different Camera UI which is kind of odd because both phones are from Micromax and yet UI is different on both the phones.

Also, Camera UI is also unoptimized, everything looks beta. So I hope, whatever UI problem both of these phones have, Micromax fix by OTA update very soon.

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One thing to note here, Micromax has provided stock UI but they didn’t optimize the UI very well and that you will see on the video I added above. Everything does look great but when you use the phone everything feels messy. All the animation Micromax has added is looking leggy and it’s doesn’t feel like 11k phone.

By the way, the phone has MediaTek Helio G35 that means there won’t be any kind of problem in performance. You can also pay, COD Mobile with a low setting and it will run smoothly.

Overall, Micromax IN 1B has the best processor but when it comes to UI, everything changes. I would say, just wait for UI fix or for next Micromax smartphones because it’s not a good idea to get one right now. The phone has tons of small-small UI problem which is frustrating.

Battery Life

Micromax IN 1B Review
Battery Size5,000mAh battery (non-removable)
Charging PortType-C Port
Charging Speed10W fast charging support (10Wcharger will be included in the box)

The Micromax IN 1B has huge 5,000 mAh battery with 10W charging support and it also has Type-C for charging which is a great thing to have at 7k. As of now, most of the smartphone around 7k has a USB port, so Micromax did a good job here. Also, the battery will last for a long time because the phone has an HD+ display that means the phone will consume less power.

Also, the phone could have last for two days, if Micromax has optimized the software very well. Now, As I have said, this can be fixed by OTA update but how much time it will take or if they gonna do it or not?

“the battery life depends on your phone use if you every day play games for 6 hours then you need to charge a phone in every 6 hours but if you’re like me and don’t use the phone very often then it will last for a day or so”

Audio and Call Quality

Micromax IN 1B Review

It has only single rear-mounted sparker which sounds great, you will able to hear all kind of instruments without any problem but one thing I noticed, when I played COD Mobile, the sound was very low but while watching YouTube Videos or doing anything else, the sound quality was perfect.

I think you already know, what’s the problem here but if not then it’s a software issue which can be fixed by OTA update and I know, I’m saying again and again that everything can be fixed by OTA update because it can be fixed but now, it depends on Micromax, when they gonna do it.

Also, Call quality is great on this one, there won’t be any kind of problem.

Micromax IN 1B Review: Verdict

Micromax IN 1B is value for money device, it has everything that Rs 6,999 smartphone should have even it has more than that but the software is the only problem which makes IN 1B worst smartphone. It has Stock UI but unoptimized Stock UI. So if you can wait for OTA update to fix everything and if you want Indian smartphone then yes, Micromax IN 1B is a good buy at Rs 6,999.

Do I Recommend Micromax IN 1B

No, I don’t recommend Micromax IN 1B because I don’t believe in buy first and fix later policy. Micromax should have fixed some of the main problems before the launch event, they can’t just sell a smartphone with ‘Made In India’ tag. People are spending their hardcore money to get the best smartphone and if they don’t get the best user experience then it’s better to look at other options.

Micromax IN 1B Pros and Cons

PerformanceNo Mention of Display Protection
Great Display QualityUnoptimized UI
5,000mAh BatteryAverage Cameras
Sound Quality

Micromax IN 1B Full Specifications

SpecificationMicromax IN 1b
Launch Date 3rd November 2020
First Sale24th November 2020 via Flipkart website at noon
Display6.50-inch HD+ LCD display
Screen Refresh Rate60Hz
Build Quality Glass front, plastic back, plastic frame
Resolutions720 x 1600 pixels resolution
Ram2GB | 4GB
Storage32GB | 64GB
Camera (Rear)13 MP Primary Sensor
2 MP Depth Sensor
Camera (Front)8MP Selfie Shooter
OSAndroid 10 (Stock)
ChipsetMediaTek Helio G35 SoC
CPU Arm Cortex-A53 CPU
Battery5,000 mAh (non-removable)
Charging Speed10W fast Charging support
Charging PortType-C
3.5mm JackYes
SIM sloteTwo SIM card + dedicated micro SD card
Fingerprint Rear-Mounted Fingerprint
Colors Blue, Green, Purple
Price2GB Ram + 32GB storage: Rs 6,999
4GB Ram + 64GB storage: Rs 7,999
Available AtBuy@Flipkart

Do let me know, what you think about Micromax comeback, I mean, will you ever buy or trust Micromax or you will go with Xiaomi or RealMe?


  1. Very Impressive by perfect analysis by you ….. ( Both Subject and Technical)…
    By the way, I am waiting for OTA updated micromax in 1b.

  2. Hi, pl’se write a review on IN 1B after Feb OTA update… I waiting for it.
    At this movement can I go with IN 1B of M3 ?
    I am not a gamer, nor a camera lover, just hard browsing with some social apps like Koo, WhatsApp, Facebook …etc.
    IN 1B or M3 ?


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