Fire Boltt Ring Plus Review with Pros and Cons – Indian Apple Watch

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Review
*Images by Tech Singh

When I wrote about the reality of Indian smartwatch brands, I really meant it. With that being said, we have another smartwatch from Fire Boltt, and this time, it’s a clone of the Apple Watch, literally.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus is priced at Rs 3,499 in India and it comes in Black, Beige, Blue, White, and Red colorways color options while it’s available on Amazon India’s Website.

So let’s find out in this Fire Boltt Ring Plus review whether you should spend Rs 3499 or not.

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Fire Boltt Ring Plus Review

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 03

Yes, definitely Fire Boltt Ring Plus is worth buying but it’s not for everyone, if you’re looking for a fitness-centric smartwatch then kindly stay away from it as this watch doesn’t measure the fitness data accurately. Nonetheless, it’s a good option, if you want good looking smartwatch with Bluetooth calling feature.

Now, it’s not like, Fire Boltt Ring Plus provides 100% inaccurate data, it’s just that, you will have to keep the error margin around 10% whether it’s sleep monitoring or even calorie count.

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The highlighted feature is, of course, Bluetooth calling which works fine for the price it comes.

Concluding everything from price to features, the Fire Boltt Ring Plus is trying to offer everything in a single smartwatch at a very affordable price, in-between it loses out on accuracy but it does give you that Apple Watch design along with Bluetooth calling which might attract some users.

Note: Fire Boltt has listed Fire Boltt Ring and Ring Plus on a single page, so for your understanding, the 1.71-inches variant is Fire Boltt Ring while the 1.91-inches variant is the newly launched Fire Boltt Ring Plus.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Pros and Cons

Bluetooth CallingSometimes, it provides inaccurate fitness data
Built-in GamesSleep monitoring is not stable
5 ATM IP67 Water-ResistantDa Fit App needs re-design
Available at a Reasonable PriceThe microphone doesn’t work well in crowded places
Good Looking DesignAverage Battery Life
Solid Build QualityNo built-in GPS
TFT Display
Low Resolution


Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 06

Fire Boltt Ring Plus comes with a 1.91-inches TFT display with a resolution of 240×280 pixels and 218 PPI Density. It has a touchscreen display along with a physical crown that can be used to navigate through the watch UI.

When a smartwatch has a bigger display, it should also have a higher resolution, this way, you won’t see the display pixels too often.

You can see it as having a smartphone with an HD display compared to a smartphone with an FHD display.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 01

Yes, the display looks amazing because of the smaller bezels but at the same time, the display doesn’t feel and look good when using outdoors because of the low resolution.

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This is Rs 3499 and I feel, Fire Boltt should have added an AMOLED display but they didn’t because somewhere, they have to do cost-cutting.

In short, yes the display could have been better, yes they could have added the higher resolution, yes, they could have used the AMOLED panel and yes, they could have used the good quality TFT panel.

Design, Build, and Comfort

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 17

Fire Boltt Ring Plus has Zinc alloy for the frame while buckles have made from stainless steel and the strap from Silicon.

You can clearly see that Fire Boltt has worked on the build and didn’t do any sort of cost-cutting which is a good thing.

The design is, of course, copied from Apple Watch which again, is not a bad thing. Again, design is subjective, some user doesn’t even like the Apple Watch design and for those users, this is not a good option.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 02

The watch is comfortable to wear, it doesn’t feel too heavy or too lightweight. It has 50 grams of weight, this is all because of the Zinc alloy frame, if it had the plastic frame then the weight could have been only 30 grams.

What else can I say, the only thing I can say is, Fire Boltt has done a fabulous job when it comes to build and design while it’s comfortable to wear all day and all night.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 12

Just like any other affordable smartwatch, the Fire Boltt Ring Plus has all the features from Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count, and Sleep Monitoring but it doesn’t have the built-in GPS.

The reason is very simple, Fire Boltt wanted to keep the watch price as low as possible at the same time, they wanted to earn money too.

If they added the built-in GPS then the Fire Boltt Ring Plus would have been priced at Rs 4999 and at this price, we have better options like Dizo Watch D Talk, Amazfit Bip 3 Pro, and even RealMe Watch 3 Pro.

Back to the Fire Boltt Ring Plus,

When you’re exercising, keep the error margin around 10%. For example, if the watch is showing you that you have completed the 10,000 steps then the real number would be either 11,000 or 10,500.

I tested the watch with my Amazfit Bip 3 Pro and turned out that, the Fire Boltt Ring Plus added the extra step.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 10

For fitness kind of stuff, Amazfit is far better (under Rs 5000).

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Fitness tracking is not accurate compared to other Chinese brands. Now, of course, Fire Boltt is an Indian brand but when you check the Amazon website and even the Fire Boltt office website, it shows the that Country Of Origin is China.

The reasons are simple, they’re importing everything from China because it’s cheaper to do so.

The sleep tracking is also the same,

For example, if you’re watching movies and you don’t move for 20 minutes then the watch will add that 20 minutes to nap sleep cycle.

This mean, the Fire Boltt is not using a Heart Rate sensor when you’re sleeping which is odd because most of the other smartwatch uses this sensor to provide accurate data.

For those who don’t know why a heart rate sensor is used while sleeping, do read this article, you will get a clear idea and will help whenever you buy a new watch.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 11

So yes, I don’t trust the Fire Boltt Ring Plus when it comes to sleep tracking at all. I can work with Calorie count because I know, it adds the extra step but how will I know, when the watch is adding sleep data?

By the way, I think you already know this but still, this is a smartwatch and it can give you a rough number, so don’t rely 100% on it, if you have some serious health problem.

I just hope, that Indian brands like Noise, Fire Boltt, and BoAt work on the software side of things and work on accuracy rather than stretching the specs sheet.

Application and Software

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 14

The heart of any smartwatch is its software and this is where Fire-Boltt messes up everything,

I have never seen, this kind of unorganized fitness app in my entire life. I mean the wearable market is growing day by day, so this is high time that Fire-Boltt changes the application UI as well as the Watch UI.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 15

By the way, it’s not like, the Da Fit app is trash but I feel, it needs to be updated, so I can recommend the Fire-Boltt smartwatch to my friends and family.

Also, the watch comes with three games which you won’t able to play smoothly, it lags a lot, like a lot.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 07

Now, Fire Boltt usually added the calculator on most of their smartwatch but when it comes to the Fire Boltt Ring Plus, they didn’t.

Again, the watch has Bluetooth calling, you will get the dial pad and the recently dialed numbers too along with a toggle to switch between devices.

For example, if you’re talking with someone, you can transfer the call to your smartwatch or Bluetooth earphone.

Bluetooth Calling

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 08

The Fire Boltt Ring Plus does have a microphone and speaker but you will have to keep your smartphone with you all the time to take calls because the watch needs to be connected 24/7 to use the calling feature.

I have tested quite of few Fire Boltt smartwatches and I feel that all the budget Fire Boltt watches have almost the same microphone and speakers.

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The speaker quality is also good but if you’re in a very crowded place then another person on call might have a hard to hear you, so in that situation, it is better to use a smartphone.

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 16

By the way, the Fire Boltt Ring Plus doesn’t have SIM Card support, it relies on Bluetooth.

Take the calling feature as just a feature, it’s not that practical in the real world because the watch is priced at Rs 3499, so Fire Bollt is compromising a little bit in the quality of the speaker and microphone.

Overall, for the price of Rs 3499, Fire Boltt has provided a good quality microphone & speaker and it does work well in real life.


Fire Boltt Ring Plus Image 04

The Fire Boltt Ring Plus comes with a 230mAh battery that will last for 5 days with normal usage. The normal usage would be no Bluetooth calling, no 24/7 heart rate, SpO2, or even sleep tracking.

While if you plan to use all the features then the battery will last for only 1 day because Bluetooth calling will consume hall lot of battery.

Now, I have said many times and I will say it again, the battery life will depend on a user by user and how they use the smartwatch in day-to-day life.


Fire Boltt Ring Plus

Rahul Makwana

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Review


If your budget is Rs 3499 and if you wanted good looking smartwatch along with Bluetooth calling feature while you don’t plan to use Fire Boltt Ring Plus during exercise then you can consider this smartwatch otherwise, it is better to skip the Fire Boltt Ring Plus.


Still, if you have doubts or any kind of questions then feel free to comment, and we will chat about it, see you there…

Fire Boltt Ring Plus Full Specifications

Display1.91-Inches TFT Display,
240×280 pixels,
Rectangle Design,
218 PPI Density,
BuildPlastic Back
Zinc Alloy Frame
Silicone Strap
Dimensions25.5 x 2 x 1.15 cm
Weight: 50g
Bluetooth Version5.1
Microphone & SpeakerMicrophone: Yes
Speaker: Yes
Heart Rate Monitor,
SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor,
Calorie Count, Step Count,
Sleep Monitor
System RequirementAndroid 7.0+
iOS 12+
Battery230mAh battery
2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%,
5 days battery life (normal use),
1 days battery life (heavy use), and
Features5 ATM IP67 Water-Resistant,
100+ watch faces,
100 built-in sports Mode,
Calories Burned,
Menstrual Cycle Tracking
Step Tracker,
Drinking Reminder,
Activity Tracker, 
Heart Rate Monitor,
Stress Monitoring, 
ColorsBlack, Beige, Blue, White, and Red colorways.
Model Number‎BSW005
ApplicationDa Fit Application
Warranty12 Months Warranty
7 Days Replacement
In the BoxFire Boltt Ring Plus
Magnetic Charging Cable, and
PriceRs 3,499
Available OnAmazon IN
Country Of OriginChina

*Images by Tech Singh

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