Top 5 SmartWatches

Back in days, if you wanted to buy a new Watch then it costs you around 5k to 10k and now in 2020, you can buy the best Watch with Smart features under Rs 5,000. Now, if you’re looking for a smartwatch for yourself or want to gift someone then you’re in the right place because today, I’m about to tell you the top 5 best SmartWatches that you can buy under Rs 5,000 in India.

Top 5 Smartwatches Under Rs 5,000

As always, I have added the current price for each smartwatch down below but keep in mind, the price may change as per time and that’s why you can check out the small table which will be available below. So before you buy any smartwatch, make sure to check out the current price. Now, let’s take a look at these smartwatches…

Top 5 SmartWatches Under Rs 5,000 PriceBuy
RealMe Watch SRs 4,999Flipkart
Realme Watch Rs 3,999BUY@Flipkart
Huami Amazfit Bip SRs 4,999BUY@Amazon
Amazfit Bip LiteRs 3,499BUY@Amazon
Noise NoiseFit EndureRs 3,999BUY@Amazon
Lenovo Carme HW25PRs 3,499BUY@Amazon
Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Rs 3,499BUY@Amazon

RealMe Watch S

RealMe Watch S Review

This is a smartwatch that can be used as a fitness tracker too that said, it comes with like Automated Heart Rate Measurement, 24-Hour Heart Rate Measurement, Blood Oxygen Measurement, sleep tracking, Drink Reminder and some other that you already know.

Also, it comes with all the exercise mode, for example, Outdoor Run, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Swimming, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, and Cricket too. You can also go to Swimming as this is this water-resistant, there won’t be any problem while doing exercise or taking shower.

Yes, RealMe Watch S is worth buying because the watch comes with larger 1.3-inches display with 420 nits of brightness. The Smartwatch has all the the feature that users are looking for in smartwatch, it has SpO2 sensor, sleep monitoring and all the other necessary features. Overall, at Rs 4,999 RealMe Watch S value for money product.

RealMe Watch

Realme Watch

RealMe has launched tons of IoT products in India and RealMe watch is one of them. The RealMe Watch is priced at Rs 3,999 and what you’re getting at 4k is totally worth buying. I have also posted the RealMe watch review which you can see right here.

The RealMe SmartWatch comes with a huge 1.4-inches color display and yes its an LCD, no AMOLED display but you can’t expect everything at 4k yet AMOLED would have been a great deal. The smartwatch packs a 160mAh battery and as per RealMe, this smartwatch will give you around 7-days of battery life with a full charge but if you disable the heart-rate monitoring then you could get around 9-days of battery life.

Huami Amazfit Bip S

Huami Amazfit Bip S

This is the second-best Smartwatch which you can call it a smart band with a big screen. This smartwatch comes with TFT display and because of that the watch you will you around 40-days battery life which is huge for the watch.

The Huami Amazfit Bip S also comes with built-in GPS which is a huge deal, if you go for walk every day. The Huami Amazfit Bip S is priced at Rs 4,999. If you want GPS built-in and great battery life then this one is for you.

Huami Amazfit Bip Lite

Amazfit Bip Lite

This one is priced at Rs 3,499, so if you don’t want to spend almost 5k in watch then this could be a great deal and if you wait for sale then you can get this watch at low as Rs 1,599. So if you can get this watch at Rs 1,599 then I would say don’t look for anything, this is the best deal.

Overall, if you get this watch in a sale then go for it but if you’re paying Rs 3,499 then it’s not worth it because you can get RealMe watch at 4k which has way batter specification then Huami Amazfit Bip Lite. In short, wait for the sale.

Noise NoiseFit Endure

Noise NoiseFit Endure

Noise has tons of watches at a budget price range but not every single watch is best. I found this watch on Amazon and what you’re getting at Rs 3,999 is worth it. Now, this is a rounded smartwatch-like what Samsung Galaxy Gear looks like, so if you like Galaxy Gear design then you gonna love it

Lenovo Carme HW25P & Noise Colorfit Pro 2


Whenever I write the top product list, I do my research and then I tell which one is best but here, I can’t able to find the best 5th smartwatch and I ended up with Lenovo Carme HW25P & Noise Colorfit Pro 2. Both of these smartwatches are priced at Rs 3,499.

Do note, if you don’t like the first four smartwatches then you can choose either Lenovo Carme HW25P or Noise Colorfit Pro 2. In short, I don’t recommend these two watches to everyone because it doesn’t have what you will find in RealMe watch or even in Huami Amazfit Bip S.

Still, if you want to check out any of these watches then I will add a link down below. So if you like Lenovo Carme HW25P or Noise Colorfit Pro 2 then buy it own your own risk.

Conclusion: Which is the Best SmartWatch

If you want the best smartwatch under Rs 5,000 then I would say go with RealMe Watch because it offers almost everything which you will need yet if you want top-notch battery life then you can spend Rs 1,000 more then go with Huami Amazfit Bip S.

If you ask me, Go with RealMe SmartWatch.

Now, do let me now will you spend Rs 5,000 on a smartwatch or add Rs 5,000 more and buy a smartphone? let know in the comment box.


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