OnePlus Nord Watch Review with Pros and Cons – CTRL+Z

OnePlus Nord Watch Review

You know how OnePlus is dying right, yes that was about a year ago, but now they’re officially dead after the launch of the OnePlus Nord Watch.

The OnePlus Nord Watch is priced at Rs 4,999 in India and it’s available in Midnight Black and Deep Blue color options while it’s available on Amazon.

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OnePlus Nord Watch Review

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 01

No, the OnePlus Nord Watch is not worth buying because it’s an overpriced smartwatch, I mean, it’s priced at Rs 4999 and yet it doesn’t have built-in GPS and even Bluetooth calling which is a huge letdown as this is coming from the OnePlus.

It’s better to consider the RealMe Watch 3 Pro or Dizo Watch R Talk if your budget is Rs 5000.

OnePlus Nord Watch is just a fitness band with a bigger display and a fun fact, it doesn’t even have built-GPS, so this can’t even call the best fitness tracker under Rs 5000.

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Concluding everything, OnePlus Nord Watch doesn’t make any sense at Rs 4999, it would have been a good option at Rs 3000. However, if you love OnePlus and don’t want to buy any other brand’s smartwatch then this could be a good option otherwise, don’t waste your money.

OnePlus Nord Watch Pros and Cons

Superbright AMOLED PanelNot 100% waterproof
60Hz Refresh RateNo Bluetooth Calling Option
Smooth UIMissing Built-in GPS
Well-Made App SupportOverpriced
Longer Battery Life
Premium Build
100+ Watchfaces


OnePlus Nord Watch Image 012

The OnePlus Nord Watch comes with a 60Hz 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 368×448 and 326 PPI. It also has 500 nits pick brightness and a 70.7% screen-to-body Ratio.

The screen bezels are not that big while the 500 nits pick brightness does help a lot while using the smartwatch outdoors.

You will be able to read text or use a smartwatch without any kind of problem under direct sunlight.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 16

The 60Hz screen refresh rate also plays its part, everything on the watch feels smooth. You won’t feel like you’re a budget smartwatch, OnePlus has worked on the software side of things which is clearly visible in real-life usage.

Even after having the AMOLED panel, OnePlus didn’t add the Always On Display feature which is a huge letdown, I hope they do it via OTA.

Overall, it’s a great AMOLED panel, for the price of Rs 5000, OnePlus has done great when it comes to the display.

Design, Comfort, and Build

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 10

OnePlus have used Zinc alloy for the frame while buckles have made from stainless steel and strap from Silicon.

All in all, the watch has a solid build, and it will give you all the premium feel that you always wanted in a budget smartwatch.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 04

The weight is about 52.4 grams with the strap which is not much because of the Zinc alloy frame.

It is also comfortable to wear, your wrist won’t hurt even while wearing it all day and all night.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 02

I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of glossy metal, in the case of OnePlus they have used glossy Zinc alloy. In short, the frame will get scratched very easily, and if that happens once then it won’t look as premium as it did when I was new.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 03

The OnePlus Nord Watch supports a 22mm Strap which means, that if you don’t like the default Strap then you can order any 22mm Strap from Amazon and start using it.

In short, the OnePlus Nord watch is well-made and comfortable to wear.

Health and Fitness Tracking

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 14

This was a bit disappointing because the OnePlus Nord Watch doesn’t have a built-in GPS, now, if you’re wondering by GPS plays a huge role in Fitness Tracking then here is a little explanation,

When you do outdoor exercise, the smartwatch uses all the sensors from heart rate, SpO2, and GPS to measure your live location, and in the end, it provides the burned calories and the distance you run.

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In short, if you wanted to buy a smartwatch for exercise then don’t buy the OnePlus Nord Watch and Consider the RealMe Watch 3 Pro.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 13

The OnePlus Nord watch has a 3-axis accelerometer, Optical heart rate sensor, and blood oxygen sensor. OnePlus have also added 105 sports mode which you can select by using the N health app by OnePlus.

All the sensors work great, they also provide close to accurate fitness data.

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The sleep monitoring also was on point, I didn’t see false data reading while wearing the watch all night or even when while sleeping during the day.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 07

The SpO2 sensor also works the best, it doesn’t feel gimmicky and the same can be said for the heart rate monitoring too.

Stress monitoring is just an add-on feature, so don’t trust the stress data at all.

Brands like Fitbit use a dedicated sensor to calculate the Stress level while OnePlus is just using the software.

By the way, this is just a budget smartwatch, so don’t expect 100% accurate health data, and also don’t rely on the watch if you have a serious health problem.

For example, The oximeter gives accurate data but at the same time, the watch showed an error margin of around 5% which isn’t very bad as the OnePlus Nord Watch is only priced at Rs 4,999.

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Let’s say, if the smartwatch is showing 110 footsteps then it would be 120, so keep the error margin around 5%. Sometimes, it’s even 115.

Overall, now, if you’re a fitness freak then you should stay away from the OnePlus Nord Watch because missing built-GPS will affect the accuracy.


OnePlus Nord Watch Image 09

Get ready to hear the application name,

Here I present to you the N health app by OnePlus.

Sound familiar, I get it, let’s not go there.

Just like any other fitness app, it will showcase heart rate, SpO2, and even Sleep data with graphs. You can also set alarms and even reminders within the app.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 06

The Bluetooth connection was quick too, I didn’t face any kind of problem while connecting to my smartphone.

OnePlus has also added 100+ watch faces inside the N Health App but if you don’t like any of the pre-added watch faces then you can always use your image or any other image for the watch face.

OnePlus Nord Watch Image 05

The app is well-organized and you won’t face any kind of problem while using it. By the way, the N Health app will only work on above iOS 11+ & Android 6.0+.


OnePlus Nord Watch Image 17

The OnePlus Nord Watch comes with a 240mAh battery and it supports a Magnetic charger.

Now, unlike other OnePlus devices, the Nord Watch doesn’t support fast-changing which is a huge letdown because many smartwatches under Rs 5000 come with fast charging.

OnePlus has promised 10 days of battery life with full usage which is kind of true because it doesn’t have Bluetooth calling and built-GPS, so the watch won’t consume more battery.

Still, don’t expect the full 10 days of battery, expect around 7 to 8 days.

Now if you don’t use features like heart rate, SpO2, or even sleep monitoring then the battery will last for more than 10 days.

Overall, the battery life will depend on a user by user and how they use the smartwatch in day-to-day life.


OnePlus Nord Watch

Rahul Makwana

OnePlus Nord Watch Review


OnePlus Nord Watch feels more like a fitness band with a bigger display, it doesn’t have any smartwatch features and yet OnePlus is charging Rs 4,999 which is not justifiable for what OnePlus is offering. It doesn’t even have Built-In GPS and Bluetooth calling, not cool OnePlus…


Still, if you have doubts or any kind of questions then feel free to comment, and we will chat about it, see you there…

OnePlus Nord Watch Full Specifications

Display1.78-Inches AMOLED Display,
60Hz Screen Refresh Rate
70.7%% Screen to Body Ratio
500 nits brightness
368 x 448 pixels,
326 PPI Density
BuildPlastic Back
Zinc alloy Frame
Silicone Strap
Dimensions4.52 × 3.72 × 1.04cm
Weight: 35.6g (without strap)
52.4g (with strap)
Strap22mm Removable (Silicone)
Bluetooth Version5.2
Microphone & SpeakerMicrophone: No
Speaker: No
Sensors3-axis accelerometer
Optical heart rate
blood oxygen
System RequirementAndroid 6.0+
iOS 11+
Battery240mAh Battery (Magnetic Charger)
7 to 8 days battery life (Full Use)
FeaturesIP68 Dust and Water-Resistant
100+ watch faces,
105+ built-in sports Mode,
Calories Burned,
Menstrual Cycle Tracking
Step Tracker,
Drinking Reminder,
Activity Tracker, 
Heart Rate Monitor,
Stress Monitoring, 
ColorsMidnight Black and Deep Blue
Model Number
ApplicationN Nord Application
Warranty12 Months Warranty
7 Days Replacement
In the BoxOnePlus Nord Watch
Brand Sticker
Magnetic Charging Cable
Red Cable Club Welcome Card
Charging Cable
PriceRs 4,999

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