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    1. Yes, you can but I would suggest you to wait for Flipkart & Amazon sale (will go live on 11th October 2023) because you will get better smartphone options then this.

  1. Well written literature. I liked your aspect and explanation and hence, Which phone do you suggest for a person for around 20-22k if only the use is mainly on social media like YouTube or Netflix, safe OS is a concern for using some banking apps and no gaming is involved. More than selfies the normal camera will be used (outdoors, during travel) and it is for my wife?

  2. If one has to choose between Moto edge 40 ,edge neo 40 and fusion 30,which is better? Need for day to day phone with good pics

  3. How would you compare the rear camera quality between Edge 40 Neo and G84?
    I’ve used G84 and found its camera to be quite disappointing, much worse than that of G72. It was noisy and jittery in ultrawide mode and/or low-light environment. Is Neo any better?