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  1. Hi Rahul, does Edge 20 support wide angle selfies with its front camera like Samsung phones?

    Also, how well does the OIS work? Is it good enough to making cinematic videos?

    1. Moto Edge 20 does have a wide front camera but it’s not as wide as an ultra-wide lens. Also, there is no OIS on the primary lens but Moto has added OIS in the ultra-wide lens. Cinematic videos can be shot with an ultra-wide lens but you will lose out on details, try to use the primary lens for videos.

  2. Hi, I wanted to know is moto edge 20 future proof. How many andriod updates will i get in this and like how long can i use it because its been a year now andriod 12 is almost here. Atlest i need a phone that i can use it for 3 or 4 years. So will u recommend it ? Its price is around 25k now so any phone that u suggest under 25k with a future proof quality.

    1. Motorola is bad with Updates, they pushed Android 12 after almost a year, still, they have promised two OS updates which means, the phone should get Android 13 but when? we have to wait and see