Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Everything you need to know

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Xiaomi has launched its Mi band 4 last year in India and it’s been a couple of months and we have a live image of the upcoming Mi Band 5. By the look, it’s exactly looking like Mi band 4 but what you gonna get inside is something different then Mi band 4. So let’s take a closer look at this upcoming Mi band 5 and find out what new Xiaomi will offer…

Mi band 5 Price (rumored)

Mi band 4 is priced at Rs 2,299 in India. According to recent leaks, this upcoming Mi band 5 may be priced at CNY 200 (approx Rs. 2,100). Now, there is no news for launch date or Xiaomi hasn’t said anything related to Mi band 5 but Xiaomi could launch Mi band 5 at the end of June 2020.

Mi band 5 Features: What’s new? 

As you can see on the leaked images, the charger will come with a plug-in design just like in Mi Band 3. It looks like Xiaomi is going backward but this is what Mi band 5 could come with.

Now, this is going to be a fitness tracker that means you will get all the workout mode which is present on Mi band 4 but additionally, Xiaomi could add some new workout mode. More on, we could see the SpO2 sensor that is used to measure oxygen saturation in the blood.

Mi band 5 could also come with NFC support but I doubt that Xiaomi will give this feature to Indian users. Earlier, we had the rummer that the Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2 inches display which is bigger then what Mi band 4 has.

This is where things get a little bit tricky, you can see the leaked images of Mi band 5 which is similar to Mi band 4 even the screen size is the same. What I’m saying is, this leaked image can be fake or it can be real, let’s see what we will get…

Overall, the design can change or we could get totally different Mi band 5 when it goes official.

Now, do let me know what you think about Mi band 5, or will you upgrade to Mi band 5, if you already own Mi band 4? do let me know your thoughts in the comment box below…

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