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I have already posted Top 5 best Computer Monitor Under Rs 20,000 in India but that wasn’t about gaming monitors. So here I’m with the top 5 best gaming monitors which you can buy under Rs 20,000 in India. If you wanted to buy new gaming Computer Monitor then this 5 monitor is best to choose from.

Top 5 Best Gaming Computer Monitor Under Rs 20,000

As I have said in every Top Product Series, the price for each product may change as per time. The price you’re saying on your display, that can change in the future and that’s why I have added the small table down below which has all the information about these top 5 monitors. Now, do check that out, if you’re looking for a gaming monitor…

Top 5 best Gaming Computer Monitor Under Rs 20,000PriceBuy
Lenovo G25-10Rs 19,500BUY@Amazon
Acer's VG240YRs 15,399BUY@Amazon
HP 24.5 inch BorderlessRs 17,399BUY@Amazon
LG UltraGear 24”Rs 13,499BUY@Amazon
Acer Nitro VG270PRs 17,899BUY@Amazon
LG 29 inch UltrawideRs 12,999BUY@Amazon

Lenovo G25-10

This is an FHD+ monitor and yes this is built for gaming. It has AMD Radeon FreeSync technology which will give you the best gaming experience. Other than that, it comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate which is best for PC gaming and it will give you 1ms response time which I don’t have to explain…

This Lenovo G25-10 Monitor is priced at Rs 19,500 which is a great price for this monitor. You can’t ask more at this price tag. In short, if you’re budget is 20k only then this is the first Monitor which you have to check out…

Acer Nitro VG270P

Now, this one has everything which you get with Lenovo G25-10 expect Lenovo branding. It has a 144Hz screen refresh rate, Full HD Resolution, 400 Nits Brightness, AMD Free-Sync Technology, HDR 10 ready display, and the screen size is 27-inches.

The Acer Nitro VG270P is priced at Rs 17,899 which is a great price, I mean you’re getting everything at this price point. Now, you can’t complain that it’s doesn’t have a 4k display or anything else because of its budget monitor.

HP 24.5 inch Borderless

I have added this monitor to third place and the main reason for that is, most of the people don’t want to buy HP branded monitors yet this particular monitor has everything which is available in the first two monitors. Now, this one depends on the brand, if you like the HP brand then this is the best PC monitor and if not then You can buy Lenovo G25-10.

As of now, this monitor is not available for purchase. So if you only want this monitor then you have to buy it from an offline store. By the way, HP 24.5 inch Borderless is priced at Rs 17,399.

Acer’s VG240Y

This Monitor has almost everything which Lenovo G25-10 has except 400 nits of brightness. Acer has only provided 250 nits of brightness. This is the only reason to say no, other than that it has everything.

Also, Acer’s VG240Y is priced at Rs 15,399. In short, if you don’t want to spend Rs 4,000 extra for more brightness then this one best but if you want that 400 nits of brightness then you can pay Rs 19,500 for Lenovo G25-10.

LG UltraGear 24

The only thing you may not like about LG UltraGear 24 is design, it doesn’t give you that gaming vibe. So if you want that gaming vibe then you have to skip this one but if you don’t want to spend enter 20k in monitor then this could be a great choice because LG UltraGear 24 is priced at  Rs 13,499.

This too has 144Hz screen refresh rate, Radeon Free sync, Full HD (1920 x 1080) display, Custom Gaming Mode, and much more.

As always, you’re reading MobileDrop article that means I have to add one extra or you can say a bonus monitor. So here we go…

LG 29 inch Ultrawide

This monitor is not for everyone because it very wide, I mean very very wide. It has that 21:9 ratio, also, it doesn’t have a 144Hz screen refresh rate, you get a 75Hz screen refresh rate which can be a problem for some gamers.

Now, this LG’s ultrawide monitor is priced at Rs 18,499 and you’re paying this amount for ultrawide display. As I have said, this one is not for everyone, still do check this out.

That’s it, whatever you buy, make sure you buy a perfect monitor for your self because it’s not like, you upgrade monitor every month. And if you can’t choose any of these then do let me know in the comment box, I will help you that.

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