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5 Best Gaming Monitors Under Rs 20,000 in India (November 2022)

Best Gaming Monitors Under Rs 20,000 In India
Best Gaming Monitors Under Rs 20,000

Now whether you want to earn money while playing games or just want to enjoy the movement then it’s better to the best gaming monitor to get a smooth gaming experience.

That said, today, let’s take look at some of the best gaming monitors which you can buy for under Rs 20,000 in India.

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Gigabyte G27F

Gigabyte G27F Gaming Monitor

The Gigabyte G27F comes with a 27-inches 165Hz display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and it has an LCD display.

I think you may already know this, VA panels are great for gaming and media consumption while LCD panels are great for video or photo editing as well as for gaming.

This means if you’re a gamer who wanted the best-curved monitor then do consider the Gigabyte G27FC Monitor but if you’re that person who edits videos and does a little bit of gaming then do consider the Gigabyte G27F.

Gigabyte G27FC Curved Monitor

Gigabyte G27FC Curved Gaming Monitor

The monitor comes with a 27-inches Curved VA panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and it has a 165Hz refresh rate which is great for everything including gaming too.

If your highest priority is gaming and if you want the best gaming monitor under 20k then you can consider buying Gigabyte G27FC.

The VA panel is great too, it doesn’t feel cheap from any area but don’t buy this monitor for video editing.

Lenovo G27c10 Curved Monitor

Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor

This too has all the features from Gigabyte G27FC, the only two differences are, that it’s from another brand and design other than that, there are no significant changes.

Here, you have to decide, which design you like the most.

It comes 27-inches Curved VA panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and it has a 165Hz refresh rate.

Again, the choice is all yours, both the Lenovo G27c-10 and Gigabyte G27FC have the same feature and they are available at the same price too, so choose the one you like the most…

AOPEN Acer 24HC1QR Curved Monitor

AOPEN Acer 24-inch Gaming Monitor

Here comes the gaming monitor which is also available at a great price, the AOPEN Acer 24HC1QR is priced at Rs 13,000 but keep in mind, that the price may change, so check the current price before making any decision.

The AOPEN Acer 24HC1QR comes with a 24-inches 144Hz display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and this is a curved gaming monitor.

Now, as I have said many times when the monitor has a curved display, it will also have a VA panel and this type of display is great for gaming but they’re not great for video editing because the VA panels oversaturate the colors.


All the mentioned gaming monitors are great, you just have to choose as per your budget.

Now, if you want to buy a gaming monitor at Rs 20000 hands down, the Gigabyte G27FC is a good option to consider because it has almost everything from looks to a curved display and even a 165hz refresh rate.

Winner: Gigabyte G27FC Gaming Monitor

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Links on MobileDrop may earn us a commission (Learn More)

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