WhatsApp will let you use the same number on two phone


Recently WhatsApp has added tons of features that people are waiting for but now it looks like we are about to get a much-awaited feature that I was waiting for so long. Yes, as you read the title, WhatsApp will let you use the same number on two phones. For now, we don’t have any idea when it will make to stable version but will be out very soon for beta tester.

Recently WABetaInfo shared some images on their twitter account and they wrote,

“Testing. Eyes When someone adds a new device in his WhatsApp account, you will be notified because encryption keys change. Available in the future for iOS and Android!”

That means, with a new update, you will able to use your number on multiple phones. Whenever you log in to a new phone, WhatsApp will remind you that you have logged on a new phone.

This is very good because if someone just stole your phone for while and he or she just added your WhatsApp account in his phone then what you can do, so this will come in handy, whenever someone tries to use your WhatsApp number you will know.

One more thing, this is in face mode and will take month or more because Whatsapp just added the Dark mode feature in a stable version, so this time I think Whatsapp will take some time because of its big update. Iif you have signed for beta version then maybe be you will get this feature very soon.

In other WhatsApp news, Whatsapp just restricted video status uploads to just 15 seconds in India to ease network congestion during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. The same move is also taken by Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

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