Smartphone brands won’t launch phones under Rs 5,000

RealMe C3 new update

Don’t be shocked because it’s going to happen very soon because recent servery says, people, don’t wont to buy smartphones under Rs 5,000. Here is the reason,

“Most of the people said, we want more storage and good performance in smartphone and most of the mobile companies are not providing 64 GB or more storage below 5k and to get that storage, we need to spend more money”

That’s true because right now if you can see Redmi 8A or RealMe C3 is starting from 6k or 7k and they are providing only 2GB of ram & 32 GB in-built storage and these days, people want to play games like PUBG, COD any many others and they won’t able to play those games if the phone has less Ram, Less Storage, and poor performance.

More storage, powerful Soc below 5k is not going to happen because brand also want to sell their smartphone below 20k and above, so they won’t give you everything in budget phones, if you want powerfull Soc and more Ram then you need to spend more money and that’s the reality now…

So this is what people are doing these days even people who are living in rural areas, they also want to spend a little bit more money to get more Ram and better chipset, so they don’t need to change the phone in a month or so…

It’s a simple thing, if people don’t want to buy a smartphone below 5k then mobile brands won’t launch a phone below 5k. One more thing, the mobile brand will reduce the price of a 1-year old phone, for example, Xiaomi reduces the price for Redmi 7A and Realme also reduce the price for RealMe C2.

If you can see now, Realme C3 is a budget smartphone yet it’s launched at 7k and Redmi will do the same with Redmi 9A. Now, do let me know your thoughts about this price change in the budget segment…

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