RealMe Link APP: It’s time to build an ecosystem?

realme link in india

RealMe wants to build the ecosystem around you, so if you’re using Realme’s smartphone, their earphone or any other product from RealMe then this RealMe link app will have all those controls.

RealMe Link, confusing isn’t it. Let me give you an example…

What is RealMe Link?

Suppose you’re using RealMe X2 and you also have Realme Buds Air, so what this Realme Link app will do, it will give you control of that realMe Buds Air in the App. Basically, your phone will become the control center, on which you can view, operate, and control all realme IoT products.

For now, we don’t have the Realme Link app and as per company, the RealMe Link app will available till 21st, Feb, 16:30 in play store.

Now if you’re using Realme device then the good thing is, you can choose an Icone for this application, Realme has given four options, so if you want to choose Icone then click right here and choose your favorite one.

By the way, “LINK” is not the only word, Realme has also given the explanation of why they have used LINK word for this app.

The main icon consists of two interconnected letters L, which stands for “Link”. The letter“O” in the middle, stands for “Operator”. Also, the “O” represents an ecosystem. We hope to bring you an ecosystem with excellent IoT experience through realme Link. The extension of the circle represents that realme aims to continuously enrich AIoT product categories and prefect the experience of the realme ecosystem. You can also see the icon as two people hugging. realme Link wants to provide a platform for our fans to have more connections with each other.”

Once the app is available in Playstore, I will add the link to the Playstore here.

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