Is it Worth buying RealMe Buds Air Neo?

RealMe Buds Air Review

Another TWS earbuds from RealMe is here. The RealMe Buds Air Neo is a kind of successor of RealMe Buds Air in some ways, the new neo buds are priced at Rs 2,999 and it has an all-new 13mm driver which is very good for wireless earbuds.

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As I have said, all-new Neo comes with a 13mm driver, sadly it has a micro USB port that means you have to carry separate cable if you don’t have any other device with a USB port. If you want to buy these buds then the next sale is on 28th May at noon but before buy let’s see is it worth buying RealMe Buds Air Neo or not?


Is it Worth buying RealMe Buds Air Neo?

Yes, absolutely RealMe Buds Air Neo is worth buying at Rs 2,999. I know it has Micro-USB port for charging and miss out on wireless charging but the sound quality and all the other feature is totally worth Rs 2,999. So if you’re looking for wireless earphones and if your budget is below 5k then this one is the best.

Still, if you want that wireless charging support and Type-C port for charging then still, RealMe Buds Air is a good deal. Talking about those people who only want great sound quality and don’t care about feature and design then JBL TWS100 is the one you’re looking for.


As I have said, RealMe Buds Air Neo is the best wireless earbuds you can buy in India. Now, here you can buy RealMe Buds Air or Air Neo or JBL TWS100, choose as per your need. I have also reviewed RealMe Buds Air, so if you have any questions about that earbuds then you can click right here.

Price and Availability

The RealMe Buds Air Neo is Priced at Rs 2,999 which is a very good price for TWS earbuds. The earbuds will go for sale on 28th May 2020 at noon via and Flipkart. It’s available in Pop White, Punk Green, and Rock Red color options, as of now, you can only buy White color, all the other color option will be available soon for purchase.

Fun fact, RealMe Buds Air Neo was gone for sale on 25th May 2020, and RealMe has sold almost 10,000 units.

Now, do let me know will you buy RealMe Buds Air Neo at Rs 2,999 or will you add 1k more and buy RealMe Buds Air…

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