Is it Worth buying Realme SmartWatch?

RealMe SmartWatch launched

RealMe SmartWatch, yes RealMe entered the SmartWatch market as well and the first RealMe SmartWatch is priced at Rs 3,999. It comes with an IP68 waterproof rating which means you can swim while wearing this watch.

The RealMe SmartWatch comes with a huge 1.4-inches colour display and yes its an LCD, no AMOLED display but you can’t expect everything at 4k yet AMOLED would have been a great deal. The smartwatch packs a 160mAh battery and as per RealMe, this smartwatch will give you around 7-days of battery life with a full charge but if you disable the heart-rate monitoring then you could get around 9-days of battery life.

Now let’s see, is this the smartwatch you’re looking for or it just wastes of money?


Is Worth buying Realme SmartWatch?

Yes, of course, RealMe SmartWatch is worth buying because RealMe is offering almost everything at Rs 3,999 and I don’t think you will get what RealMe is offering at 4k in any other smartwatch. In short, if you want to buy Smartwatch below Rs 5,000 then RealMe SmartWatch is worth buying.

Do note, this smartwatch does not have an AMOLED display, so if you don’t like an LCD display on the smartwatch then you can skip this one and buy Apple Watch or Samsung Gear series watches.

Overall, what RealMe is offering at Rs 3,999 is totally worth buying.


The only question you have to ask your self is, will I be happy with an LCD display or not? If the answer is yes then go for it. Now, if you want to know more about this RealMe SmartWatch then you can click right here for more info…

Price and Availability

The RealMe SmartWatch is priced at Rs 3,999 and you can buy this smartwatch from RealMe’s website and Flipkart from 5th June 2020 at noon. When you buy RealMe SmartWatch, you will get a free black strap and if you want to buy Red, Blue, and Green colour strap then you have to pay Rs 499 for a strap.

Now, do let me know, will you invest Rs 3,999 in this Smartwatch?

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