RealMe Buds Wireless Pro Review with Pros and Cons

RealMe Buds Wireless Pro review

Neckband Bluetooth earphones are becoming more popular these days, you can see most of the brand has their own Neckband earbud which is kind of good for the customer because they multiple choices to choose from but sometime, if one company increases the price then another company one will do the same and this what we have seen with some Chinese manufacturer.

Recently RealMe has launched RealMe Buds Wireless Pro with Active noise cancellation which is priced at Rs 3,999 but during this Flipkart Big Billion festival sale, it will be available at only Rs 2,999 but after this sale, the price will back to Rs 3,999. The first sale is on 16th October 2020 and it will be sold via Amazon website.

As you can see price is drastically increased as compared to last years RealMe Buds Wireless, so let’s review the newly launched RealMe Buds Wireless Pro and see whether you should invest almost 4k on this Neckband earbuds.

Sound Quality

RealMe Buds Wireless Pro review

RealMe Buds Wireless Pro comes with 13.6 bass boost drivers which do look great on paper but it’s doesn’t have the boosted bass. I mean if you enable bass boost option from the RealMe link app then you will see the difference but it’s not extra boosted like what RealMe is saying. I would say, the bass is balanced it’s not too heavy or a little bit, it fits in the middle which could be a problem for those who love extra bass.

This wireless neckband also has active noise cancellation which is a great feature to have in the budget segment because we haven’t seen this kind of feature in budget. Noise cancellation is not implemented well, still, this is Rs 3,999 earbuds, so I can’t complain much.

The buds will reduce the outside sound but it won’t be good as what we see with flagship earbuds or headphones. Overall, don’t buy RealMe Buds Wireless Pro only noise cancellation, it’s added on feature which doesn’t make a huge difference.

As I have, even at 3k, this is overpriced neckband earbuds, this could have come at Rs 2,499. The sound quality, call quality, everything is great expect price.

Build Quality and Comfort

RealMe Buds Wireless Pro review

There are no huge changes from last generation RealMe Buds Wireless, so if you have used the last-gen then you won’t see huge improvement but if you haven’t used then you gonna love this design. Also, RealMe has added one extra button on buds which lets you turned on the active noise cancellation and the rest of it is same.

The weight of RealMe Buds Wireless Pro is about 33 gram which is good but keep in mind, the buds have a metallic finish that means when you lay down the buds on your neck, you will feel little of weight.

Overall, RealMe Buds Wireless Pro is comfortable to wear, there won’t be any problem while listening music but keep in mind, this is neckband earbuds that mean it’s ideal for exercise because it will bounce when run and or do any kind of physical work. It also has IPX4 Water-resistant that means, the buds will survive a little bit of rain and sweat.


RealMe Buds Wireless Pro review

This is a RealMe branded product that means you will get tons of feature. It comes with game-mode which means if you want to play games using this RealMe Buds Wireless Pro then you won’t see much latency. In short, you can play games, there won’t be a huge problem.

As I have said, it also has ANC (active noise cancellation) which is implemented well. The buds also have support for LDAC, AAC and SBC codec. One thing I noticed while using LDAC codec, I have seen sound cracking in the LDAC codec which is odd, so just switch back AAC. I hope, RealMe fixed this problem with OTA update.

Like last-gen, this too can pause the song when you attach both the buds.

Battery Life

RealMe Buds Wireless Pro review

As per RealMe, at 50% volume, this buds will give about 16 hours of battery life with ANC off and with ANC ONN, it will give about 22 hours. The big improvement is in charging, 5 minutes of charge can give about 100 minutes of battery backup. Also, it will take about 1.5 hours to charge 0% to 100%.

Talking about me, the buds will give about 11 to 13 hours battery with ANC off and with ANC ONN, it will give about 16 to 18 hours.

**battery life will depend on the music volume, for example, if you keep the volume at 50% then you could get about 4 to 4.5 hours battery but if you keep 80% volume then you could get about 3 to 3.5-hour battery backup.


RealMe Buds Wireless Pro is not value for money earbuds, I think, it should have come at Rs 2,499 max. This is an overpriced product and this time, it’s better to skip this one. Overall, it has all the feature that you can think of, from ANC to fast charging, everything is there but that comes with a price tag. RealMe Buds Wireless is not worth buying.

RealMe Buds Wireless Pro Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Long Lasting Battery LDAC codec have issue
Solid Build ANC is not implemented well
Best Sound QualityAverage bass
Better Controls

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