How to Buy Best Budget Smartphone in India

How to Buy Best Budget Smartphone
How to Buy Best Budget Smartphone

Back in days, you have to buy a flagship smartphone to get the best performance but now, it’s not like that. You can get the same performance at a budget price, you just need to choose the best phone at the best price to have all the flagship feature.

Keep in mind, no company will give everything in their smartphone, they will leave something for the next smartphone. So here, you have to choose, what you want the most. It could be the performance, best cameras, powerful battery, premium looks or balanced smartphone.

Balanced smartphone means, it has everything on it, for example, good processor, good cameras, good battery life, good build quality but it won’t be the best phone. This kind of phone sells out very quickly as users want everything at a budget price.

Just see, OnePlus Nord, this phone has a powerful processor, best battery life, good camera setup, solid build quality but they did miss out on lots of other things. The phone doesn’t have the best cameras and it doesn’t support all the 5G bands. Here users won’t complain about cameras or any other thing as the phone as everything else.

How to buy Best Budget Smartphone

Best Budget Smartphone in India

1] Make budget.

2] Think what you looking for in smartphone. It could be anything

3] See what are the option available in the market at your price range.

4] Now, take look at what you want. If you want a bigger battery and good cameras then Galaxy M31s is a good option but this phone doesn’t have the best processor, so there will be a problem in performance.

If you want overall, balanced smartphone then take look at POCO X3, this phone has best cameras, best processor, massive battery life but when it’s come to build quality, POCO X3 is not the best. It has the plastic build and POCO has given LCD panel instant to AMOLED display at 17k.

Just like that, no company will give everything in one single smartphone. You will lose out on one or two features.

5] Boom, you just learn how to buy budget smartphone at your price range.

Conclusion: How to buy Best Budget Smartphone

Best Budget Smartphone in India

These days it’s hard to find a good smartphone as mobile brands like Xiaomi and RealMe are launching too many smartphones in India but in the end, you have to decide what you want in your next smartphone. First, decide what you want most and then search it on Google or YouTube and see what are the option available.

What Do I look in Smartphone

When I buy a budget smartphone, I always look for the best processor and good cameras. Build quality is not very important for me as I will eventually use case but if the processor is not good then a year or later, the phone will be dead or won’t be useable. So I always look for the best processor and good cameras is a plus point.

That’s it for now. Do let me know, what first thing you see in a smartphone or what’s your dream smartphone, let me know in the comment box…

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  1. Hi Rahul ji,
    I want best processor, Decent camera, (like you) Display & Battery. (My Budget is 7k to 12k)
    I am not a Gamer… For Daily use, net surfing for news, some social sits like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook that’s all.

    In 1b is perfect for me… But worried about OTA updates.
    Mi 9 power is good.., but lots of preinstalled Apps along with Spam notifications..
    Finally Waiting for poco m3… Suppose If it is copy/ rebrand (with all good things) of
    Mi 9 power & without bloatware… It’s a perfect for me.
    Can I wait for poco m3 ?
    Wt’s your opinion ?