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Facebook was testing out Dark mode for months and now they are rolling out dark mode in Facebook app. Still, if you haven’t got dark mode then wait for some time, it will be available at any movement. Facebook has added dark mode in Android and iOS devices but by default, the Dark Mode will be turned off, so how you gonna use it. Let’s talk about that…

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook App

1. Open the Facebook app on Smartphone.

2. Tap on three dots.

3. Scroll down to setting Manu and tap on it.

4. Now Select Dark Mode and Turned on Dark Mode.

That’s it. Now you’re using dark mode in Facebook App.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook App (iOS) – Follow the same step on your iOS device and that’s it.


As I have said, if you haven’t go Dark Mode in your Android or iOS device then wait for some time, it will show up automatically. Still, if you have any question then do let me know in the comment box. By the way, about a month of ago, Facebook was rolling out Dark mode on Web version and after so many months, it’s now available for Android, it took quite some time for Smartphones.


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