WhatsApp Pay Now Live in India: How to Setup WhatsApp Pay

How to Use WhatsApp Pay

Like everyone else, I was waiting for WhatsApp Pay but Facebook didn’t roll out WhatsApp pay to all the users, it was limited to certain users. Today, I opened the WhatsApp app on my smartphone and WhatsApp Pay was setting there for me, so I set up the WhatsApp Pay account and linked it to my bank account too.

Now, if you haven’t got the WhatsApp Pay then wait for some time, it will automatically show up but if your friends have received the WhatsApp Pay then tell him to invite and you will have WhatsApp pay. Still, if none of your friends has received it then let me know the comment box below, I will send an invite link to you. Now let’s see how to set up WhatsApp pay and add a bank account.

How to Setup WhatsApp Pay

1] Open WhatsApp App and tap on three dots,

How to Use WhatsApp Pay

2] Now you will see ‘Payments‘ option, tap on it.

3] Here, tap on Add Payment Method.

How to Use WhatsApp Pay

4] Hit, Accept and Continue.

5] Select bank and verify the mobile number.

How to use WhatsApp Pay 2005

6] That’s it, you will see ‘Setup Completed‘ on your mobile screen.

How to Use WhatsApp Pay

One thing to note, you can’t check your bank balance from WhatsApp like PhonePe and Google Pay. This could be let down for those who want to use WhatsApp pay for their default payment application. Maybe, with updates, all the other feature will roll out.


As I have said, WhatsApp Pay is in face mode and it will take some time to rich to all the users. Talking about myself, I just love WhatsApp Pay, now I don’t have to install any other apps for payment, I can pay to anyone with WhatsApp Pay. Even if someone is not using WhatsApp pay, I can pay him with UPI ID.

Like all the payment apps, WhatsApp Pay also has a barcode that means after scanning the code, anyone can pay without UPI ID or mobile number.

Things missing on WhatsApp Pay

1] Can’t check the bank balance yet.

2] WhatsApp pay is not available for everyone.

3] Can’t set the Custom UPI ID

These are the three things that I found and needed the most as these days, most of the people check the bank account from UPI apps. So having that feature will make huge difference.

That’s was it. If you haven’t not the update then let me know in the comment box, I will send you invite.

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