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How to Turn-off Google Assistant Completely on Android Phone

How to Turn-off Google Assistant

I have used Siri, Alexa and even Bixby but from all the voice assistant, Google Assistant is best of all. It supports almost all the Indian language and it gives more accurate result than any other voice assistant but sometimes it gets annoying when it automatically turns on the smartphone.

Now, like myself, if you don’t like to use Google Assistant on a smartphone then you can disable it but how you gonna do it, this is what I’m about to tell you, so let’s talk about that

How to Turn-off Google Assistant

How to Turn-off Google Assistant

1] Open Google App on your Android Smartphone and Click on More (three dots) button which is you will find on the bottom right corner.

3] Now, Select Setting Manu and click on Google Assistant.

4] Here, scroll down little bit and click on General and un-checked the Google Assistant.

How to Turn-off Google Assistant

5] There you will see a warning saying, some feature won’t work when you turn off this option. Ignore the message and click on Turn-Off

Boom, you just Turn-Off Google Assistant on your Android smartphone.

Extra from Myside

I know Google assistant can be a little bit annoying but what if you don’t want to turn-off the Google Assistant. Here you can schedule the assistant as you like but how you will do that, let’s talk about that too.

1] Again open Google app on your android smartphone and go to General.

2] Here, you will see, routines option, just click on it and tap on New.

How to Turn-off Google Assistant

3] Now, set routines for Google Assistant and that’s it.

You can set time and date as per your requirements and that’s the way you can schedule the assistant.

Likewise, if you have any problem while doting this then let me know in the comment box below.

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