Sony PS5 India Launch Date: Console will have limited Stock

PS5 India Launch Date

Like everyone else, I’m waiting for PS5 for months and yet, Sony, is like, we don’t have enough stock for India. Last month PS5 was launched in some European countries and that time too, Sony didn’t say anything about India launch but now, as per themakoreactor website, PS5 is about to launch in India in January 2021.

Bottom line, Sony will start pre-order at the end of December 2020 and it will launch around January 2020 in India.

Like Xbox Series X, PS5 is also going to be limited. So if you want to buy PS5 then keep eye on Sony’s PS5 social media account and just go right away on Amazon and Flipkart and be the first person to get PS5 India retail unit.

More on that, Sony will more focus on Online market, so if you’re planning to buy from an offline store then don’t because Offline retailers will get fewer PS5 stock as compared to online retailers.

Whenever Sony announced pre-order for PS5, just open Amazon or just click right here and click on notify me. This way, you will get a notification before 60-minutes to pre-order the PS5.

Still, Sony didn’t say anything about India launch but this news seems promising as Sony PS5 page on Amazon India says the Late 2020 launch.

These are just rummers yet who knows when we gonna get PS5 in India. Now, I can’t even buy Xbox series X as this too gone out of stock, only Xbox Series S is in the Stock.

Bonus Tip

As per a recent report, PS5 digital units has a limited stock that means try to buy Disk version. This way, you will have more chance to get PS5.

PS5 Price in India

PS5 Priced at Rs 39,999 for digital version while disk version is priced at Rs 49,999 in India. and it’s sold via Amazon And Flipkart.

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