Why do companies copy each other?

Why do companies copy each other?

Most of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers copy’s from another brand and put their name. For example, RealMe recently launched  RealMe Buds Air that is copied from Apple’s Airpod, now, there are calling it RealMe Buds Air. Funny thing is, they added a single link which says ‘design by RealMe.’

There is nothing wrong to copy someone if you can provide a better product at a good price range. The last thing those company can do is, accept that they copied the design from X company or don’t just put ‘design by X company’ on the product.

Why companies don’t spend money on R&D and make a new design?

There is a good reason for that too. Let me give you an example, here I’m gonna use my website brand, so you can get some idea…

I have new earbuds which perform way better than many other products but now, how I’m gonna sell my product, their tons of earphone by well-known companies.

Here what I can do is, I can design that earbud exactly like some of the popular branded earbuds. If I choose Apple Airpod then my product will create huge hype and people say negative and positive things about my product.

When its come to marketing, whether it’s negative or positive marketing, every kind of marketing is good for business.

Why do companies copy each other?

I think you got the answer but f you didn’t then here quick words.

Most of the time company copy someone else’s product, so they can get free marketing and if the copied product is very good like RealMe Buds Air then you win the race.

If you don’t know, Reliance Jio just launched a video conference service in India which exactly looks like Zoom Video Communications. Do you think, Reliance Jio can’t spend money to design the website or app?

They can but if they have done that then most of the people wouldn’t know that Reliance Jio launched video conference service.


If you’re using twitter then you would know, Reliance Jio was trading for two days and almost every single tech website had posted an article on all the social media account.

You can learn lots of things from these companies. In the end, it depends on whether you want negative or positive marketing?


People will talk about these & these companies have copied the product but if that product is good then after some time, those who talking about copy and paste, they will use that copied product.

I hope you got the answer but if not then do let me know in the comment box below.

Have a great day…

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