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  1. HI,
    Could you please tell me where is this phone available for 30K..everywhere I checked it is either for 32K or 35K

    1. This phone was available at 30k during Flipkart Big Saving days. So wait for a sale, if only want to buy Galaxy A71. BTW, right now it’s available for 34,999 on Flipkart

    1. No, I don't think so. If you want a Samsung branded phone then you can take a look at Galaxy M51 but if you want non-Samsung phone then I think OnePlus Nord would be a great deal at 25k

        1. Pixel 4A is a camera-centric smartphone, so it’s not everyone. Coming to Galaxy A71, if you want Samsung branded phone then just go with Galaxy M51.

  2. Samsung A71 is exceptionally disappointing phone in every way. So sorry I changed to Samsung. Everything is so clumsy – nothing works very well including the touch screen. You can’t even put a screen protector on it because it won’t work very and your finger print tech, which is rubbish, won’t work. My old phone was superior in every way, with the exception of screen size and was half the price. You’ll need to do better than this to get me back Samsung.

  3. I have this phone and I was using Realme X which is 20k, but wanted one more phone for wife so I purchased SM A71 for 34k, thinking am upgrading…. but total disappointed and bellow my personal opinion.

    01-Realme Had Better Quality and user friendly Camera
    02-Display I felt Realme is better colors are accurate in SM A71 feels fake
    03-Realme had Dolby Atoms so it’s sound amazing, Samsung feels cheep
    04-finger print useless in A71 doesn’t work most of the time
    05-so many Samsung own junk apps
    06-Tuch sensitivity I liked in A71
    Those are my personal opinion.