Don’t buy new smartphone every year

Don't buy new smartphone ever year

From the last couple of years, the smartphone makers are launching too many phones every year and some phone doesn’t even make any sense and yet Company launches it. Now it doesn’t matter that mobile companies are launches too many phones but the problem is, people are upgrading new phones every year.

For example, If I bought OnePlus 7 which is a great phone below 30k in India but what happens here, OnePlus launches Number series at the start of every year and at the end of every year they bring T series phone. The gap between the T series and the Number series is about six months.

Whats happens here If I have bought a OnePlus 7 and if companies launch OnePlus 7T with some improvement then I will feel like, my phone is old and I have to buy a new phone or OnePlus 7T.

The main part is, the company won’t even give a huge upgrade and yet people will sell the old phone and will buy a new phone.

Moral of the story is, if you want to buy a new phone then see the phone you buying has better specifications then your current phone, if yes then you can buy but if not then why you want to waste your money for a small upgrade.

Of course, if you have lots of money and don’t care then donate some money on our website, just kidding…


You don’t have to upgrade the phone every year but still, if you like a newly launched phone and if that phone is better then what you’re using it then just go for it. Keep in mind, no company will give a huge upgrade every year then will give a small upgrade every year.

If they give everything in the phone then what they will launch next year.

Think before you buy anything, this doesn’t apply to only phones. Do a little bit of research online or check out on this website for leats tech updates.

Let us know when did you update your last phone…

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