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The Future of every smartphone in 2019: Upcoming mobile trends

Galaxy Fold Launched

2018 was a great year for every smartphone brand and almost every single company launched the new product with new technology like Camera slider, Camera pop-up, a Display notch, gradient colours, and much other stuff as well. So what you think about 2019 and what you are really expecting from all the mobile brand, let us know in the comment station below. Now let me tell you about what’s actually going on in 2019. Upcoming mobile trends

Display Hole

We have seen camera slider and camera pop-up in 2018 and now its time go beyond that, so now we have display hole in smartphone displays and for now, Samsung did it with Galaxy A8s and Huawei did with Nova 4 and both the devices look really great in term of design and overall performance.

But still both the devices have a bottom bezel, and we see that every single smartphone has that extra bottom bezel no matter what they do with top bezel and I know iPhone X or XR does not have that bottom bezel and it’s because Apple band the display inside the device and to do that company need to add some extra money and if they do than smartphone price will increase, and this is the reason why iPhone X and XR does not have a bottom bezel.

So the end of the story is more and more company will come up with display hole display in 2019.

Super Fast charging

Smartphone battery is very important for every person and if the mobile battery goes down then it will take around 2 hr or 3 hr to charge 0 % to 100 % right, but nowadays it takes around 20 to 30 min to charge 100 % but how?

Oneplus has Dash & warp charger, OPPO has VOOC charger and like that many other mobile brands has its own name for the charger.

And in 2019 we are going to see some great technology that charges your devices in 10 or 20 min and recently Huawei launched 40W fast charger, and it’s beginning 2019 we seen something like this, so let’s see what smartphone brand will introduce incoming time…

Camera Setup

When you heard about camera word you will image about DSLR or any other camera you like right, but in 2019 Mobile camera will change your perspective about smartphone cameras. Nowadays most of the smartphone brand uses 4 camera set up in their mobile device and each camera has different use like a wide-angle lens, optical zoom lens, depth sensor and the main camera that handle all the stuff

So yes 2019 is going to be very big in-term of a camera. Upcoming mobile trends.

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