Spotify redesign the app for Android “Coming Soon”

new design Spotify

Spotify just made a big announcement, don’t worry they are not going anywhere. We’re about to get a fresh new design on Android as well as iOS platforms. On the latest blog post, Spotify shared some of the new features which will be coming to iOS from today, so if you have iPhone or iPad then do check out the App Store.

Yet, there is no official statement about the Android platform but Android users will get new updates very soon.

This is what Spotify wrote,

“It’s bigger. It’s bolder. It’s better than ever. No, we’re not talking about some artist’s new sound, but about the refreshed look that iOS users will enjoy on Spotify mobile starting today.”

Universal Shuffle Play button

Spotify just redesigned the Shuffle Play button. Now you will see a rounded green circle with a white Shuffle Play button which gives a modern look, I guess. Do let me know, what you think about this logo.

Action Rows

Spotify redesign

This will organize all the quick toggle in one place with easy use.

All actions, including ‘like,’ ‘play,’ and ‘download’ for Premium users are grouped in a row at the central part of the screen. Plus, downloading for listening without Wi-Fi (for our Premium users) now has a new icon—the same one we’ve been using for podcasts. Plus, the new row is your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll ever want to do one-handed—the experience is much more adaptive and responds to the size of your device.

Track rows

You will now able to see track’s cover art everywhere except the “Album” view. As per Spotify, this will help you to find a song and podcat very easily. And yes, if you have saved your favorite song in a library than you won’t see the heart button, in the library area.

Starting from February 27, iOS users will able to update the Spotify app but there is no information about Android users, so maybe Android users will get this new update very soon.

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