Nikon Coolpix B500 Long term in-depth Review with Pros

Nikon Coolpix B500

Nowadays the Smartphone camera become a very powerful and every single person has a smartphone and every smartphone has a good camera setup but no matter what happens you can’t compare smartphone camera with DSLR or Point shooter. That’s why we are going to review the Nikon B500 because this camera priced at Rs 16,000 and under this price point you can get the best smartphone with Good camera setup, so let’s go deep down and find out whether you should buy Nikon B500 or buy Smartphone under 16k.

Technical Specifications:

The camera comes with a 16-megapixel lens, and for those who want to change the camera lens then you can’t because it’s point shooter camera that means you can’t replace the lens. The Nikon B500 has 40X optical zoom capability and 80X Dynamic Fine Zoom, the camera also comes with a macro mode that means it lets you take photos from 1cm from the subject. It also has many other modes that you can play with and I am gonna talk about everything in Camera Mode section.

The good thing is it can shoot video up to [email protected] and it’s a very good thing because under 16k no other camera company is giving us this feature, and yes you can shoot video simultaneously for 28 minutes. It also has a flexible 3.0-inches LCD display.

Camera Modes:

The Nikon B500 comes with tons of camera mode and you can also play with those modes but yes as you know the camera doesn’t come with Manual control that means no matter mode you are using you can’t control the setting but of course, it will give you some extra effect in every mode and it’s a really good thing because at this price you are getting something great. Here is a List of Modes that you will get when you buy this point shooter camera.

    • Auto Mode
    • Short Movie Show
    • Smart Portrait
    • Creative Mode
    • Sports Mode
    • Backlighting Mode
    • Night Portrait Mode
    • Night Landscape Mode
    • Portrait Mode
    • Scene Selector Mode
    • Macro Mode

Now let’s take a look at some of the mode that you will use the most when you buy this camera, one thing to note, the Nikon B500 doesn’t have dedicated bokeh mode, so if you are buying this camera only for depth mode then don’t

Auto Mode:

One of the finest Mode that you can get with any camera is Auto Mode because it lets you capture anything with doing anything but of course every single time you can’t use Auto mode because sometimes it does mess up a little bit, apart of that it’s the wonderful mode. I will also put some images that I shot with Nikon B500 in Auto mode so you can decide whether it’s Good or Bad?

Auto Mode also gives you focus indicator that means if in case camera lost the focus then you just need to play with one button that is placed on the top right side on this camera. It also has an adjustment feature that lets you control the Hue, Vividness, Brightness, and activated-Lighting, yes you can adjust this setting according to your preference.

Macro Mode:

Nikon B500 Review

For those who love to capture Macro shots then you gonna love this mode because it lets you capture images form 1cm from the subject, and I haven’t found any issue regarding this mode yet. Yes, when we talk about Macro shots that means you will get the awesome bokeh effect, so I gonna add some images that I shot with Macro mode, so you can decide whether it’s awful or Good?

Sports Mode:

The Nikon B500 also comes with Sports mode that lets you capture seven images at the same time but you need to be very quick about this because it takes about 2 seconds to capture seven images. I haven’t used this feature too much but one thing need to add here is, in this particular mode when you take the photos the quality of the images does reduce a little bit as compared to Auto mode. So this features is only for those people who are really into the sports and who can’t afford the expensive DSLR then it’s a good investment but overall it’s a good feature that lets you capture seven images and when you get this kind of feature at 16K then you can’t a complain.

Night Mode:

I must say this, I am not expecting Night Mode is going to be good but when I used it I feel like it’s the feature that I gonna use it because every camera has tons of feature but you gonna use 2 or 3 feature and I think this one will impress you and you will gonna use it whenever you take images. Now it’s time to show some images that I shot with Night Mode.

Portrait Modes:

One of the worst mode that Nikon B500 has it would be all the Portrait mode including Smart Portrait, Night Portrait, Portrait Mode. So yes as I told you this camera doesn’t capture images in bokeh and the modes given is just totally gimmick, so don’t expect that it will take bokeh photos like DSLR Cameras.

Video Recording:

As I told you Nikon B500 can shoot video up to [email protected] and it record video simultaneously for 28 minutes. About video quality, if you want to use this camera for video recording then you can use it because it can shoot wonderful video and I will put Video that I shoot with this camera, so do check that out and let me know how much you like it in the comment section below.

Personally, I used this camera on My YouTube channel and you can check those video on MobileDrop YT Channel. And I think under 16K price point you are getting wonderful video recording.

Now let’s take a look at the 40X Optical Zoom.

40X Optical Zoom:

Nikon B500 Review

One of the main highlights of Nikon B500 is, of course, 40X Optical Zoom. The camera can capture photos and shoot video in 40x and the good thing is when you zoom up to 40X the quality of the images does not reduce and you will get proper details. There are also a few other cameras available in the market that also has 40X and even 45X optical zoom, for example, Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V,  this Sony camera can go up to 50X but it can only shoot video in 720p and it doesn’t have a flip screen 

So now it’s up to you what are you looking for in cameras, it could be ZOOM or video recording.


Nikon B500 is a wonderful camera and if you buy this one then I must say that you will not gonna regrated but before you buy any camera first decide why you are buying a camera because every camera has their benefits, and as I told you many time company never launch a perfect device because if they do then what is company gonna launch next? right.

So if you want a camera for photography, video shoot or for zoom then Nikon B500 is the camera for you but if you only want a camera for ZOOM and you don’t care about videos or photography then you can go with Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V but of course, if you have money then I must say go with Canon 200D. 

The camera is available via Amazon India.

I hope you get your answer in this particular article but still if you have any question about Nikon Coolpix B500 then let us know in the comment section below.

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