Nothing Ear Stick Review with Pros and Cons – Why it Exist?

Nothing Ear Stick Review
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Guess who is back, Nothing, they’re back with a downgraded version of Nothing Ear 1 and still, charging the same money. Yes, we’re talking about the newly launched Nothing Ear Stick.

So let’s find out in this review whether you should spend Rs 8,499 to buy Nothing Ear Stick or not.

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Nothing Ear Stick Review

Nothing Ear Stick Image 01

Yes, the Nothing Ear Stick is worth buying but it’s not for everyone because it’s more focused on the fashion side of things, and in between, it loses out on sound quality while it’s priced at Rs 8,499 which is not the justifiable price for what Nothing is offering.

Funny thing is, Nothing Ear 1 is also priced at Rs 8,499 in India while ear Stick is also available at the same price.

To put it simply, Nothing Ear Stick is a downgrade version of Ear 1 which loses out on wireless charging, Silicone Tips, bass, and ANC while it’s still priced at Rs 8,499.

Fun Fact,

For reference, Nothing Ear 1 was launched at Rs 6999 in India ($99 in the USA) and now it’s available at Rs 8499 ($149 in the USA), not cool but this is business.

Isn’t it coincident, Nothing increases the price of Nothing Ear 1 a month before the launch of Ear stick?

In short, if you can spend extra money to get an attractive design and you’re willing to pay a premium for it then the Nothing Ear Stick is the best option otherwise, it’s better to save Rs 8,499 or $99.

Nothing Ear Stick Pros and Cons

Attractive DesignNo Multi-Device Support
Clear Sound QualityNo ANC
Long-Lasting Battery LifeIt might not fit well due to missing silicon tips
Well-Organized App SupportPricey
The charging case gets scratched easily

Build and Design

Nothing Ear Stick Image 02

Nothing Ear Stick is made from 100% plastic. Now used plastic is not cheap at all, it feels and looks premium from when you pick up the buds to start using it.

Each bud has a 4.4g weight while the charging case + buds have 46.3 grams of weight which mean it’s lightweight and won’t hurt if you wear the Nothing Ear Stick for hours.

Nothing Ear Stick Image 06

If I talk about myself,

Any day I will choose better sound quality rather than design, so it’s up to you, what is your highest priority. More I will talk about in the audio section…

Back to the design,

The Nothing Ear Stick has a different case design but each bud has the same design as the Ear 1 minus the silicon tips.

Nothing Ear Stick Image 08

So yes, Nothing is like, we have already copied the AirPods Pro, so why not copy AirPods this time?

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I mean what else can I say about the design, it’s a simple thing…

If you like silicon tips then you will hate how Nothing Ear Stick sounds and look but if you don’t like silicon tips and you’re willing to pay a premium for the design then go for it, you won’t regret buying Ear Stick.


Nothing Ear Stick Image 04

One of thing key selling points of any Nothing Product is design, so you can’t ignore that Nothing will prioritize design and will miss out on some features.

Starting with ANC,

When you see that, the buds don’t have silicon tips then you should know that they won’t have the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

You’re paying Rs 8499 and still, you’re not getting ANC which is not cool at all.

Because of the missing silicon tips, you will hear outside noise and if you keep the volume above 60% then the person sitting next to you will also be able to hear what you’re hearing.

The reason is there are no silicon tips to block the music, so it will leak one way or another.

I have already said that I will never buy TWS earbuds that don’t have silicon tips and on top of that, I will never pay Rs 8499 if the buds don’t have silicon tips.

What about you, decide and then spend, also, don’t buy the Ear Stick because it looks amazing.

I get it, the Ear Stick has an attractive design but at the end of the day, what matters is its sound quality. You will love the design for one or two days but after that, you will judge the sound.

Now, I don’t even have to talk about the bass because if there are no silicon tips then you won’t get that extra bass. The bass is there but not that great, so if you love to listen to Panjabi music then simply stay away from the Ear Stick.

Also if you love to listen to lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar music then you will fall in love with the Ear Stick.

Features and Functions

Nothing Ear Stick Image 11

Nothing has added support for Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair which means, the Ear Stick will connect very quickly with Android smartphones as well as Windows laptops or PC.

The problem is,

Also, Nothing didn’t add supports Multi-Device which is not acceptable because this is their second earbud.

I use my smartphone, mac as well as windows and it’s hard to reconnect every time with the device I want to use. Yes, the Multi-Device support needs to be added for ease of use.

One new thing,

Nothing has replaced touch gestures with physical buttons. I don’t know about you but I don’t like it…

I have been using nothing ear 1 for about seven months while I always use volume gesture and its work almost all the time without any issue.

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The buttons are good too but you will have to press them every single time and because of that, it will mess up the fit.

I have used TWS earbuds with buttons and my experience is not good at all.

Call Quality

Nothing Ear Stick Image 07

No changes here, Nothing has added three microphones just like Nothing Ear 1.

So the call quality remains the same but nothing has played around with the software, so you will see a little bit of improvement.

Now, if you’re at home and there is no noise then you will able to hear another person who is on call but the problem is,

If you’re in a crowded place then you will be able to hear another person on call but that other person won’t be able to hear your voice clearly, it will sound like you’re speaking on a big speaker.

Even after having the three speakers and the Rs 8499 price tag, the microphones are not the best, they’re good but the best.

By the way, it’s not like, another person won’t hear your voice at all but he/she won’t get the best sound, make sense.

New Application

Nothing Ear Stick Image 09

Nothing Ear app is now called Nothing X, the reason is, Nothing will add new products, and to manage everything they need a single app. So that’s the reason why the new name but the design remain the same.

Also, the equalizer design has been changed which looks beautiful but if you’re that person who loves to play around with the sound then you might not like the design of the equalizer.

Nothing Ear Stick Image 10

The reason is, it doesn’t let you control everything, it comes with a pre-made setting that you have to play around with.

Other than that, it’s a well-made app, and it’s easy to use.

Battery Life

Nothing Ear Stick Image 05

Let’s not go over how much nothing has promised and let me share with you what you will get in real-life usage,

The Charging case will last for 28 hours while each bud will last for 5 to 6 hours depending on how much volume you’re hearing music.

For example, if you keep the buds volume between 50% to 60% then you will get between 5 to 6 hours of battery life but if you keep the volume between 80% to 100% then the battery life will drop to 3.5 to 5 hours.

Also, if you keep the volume to 80% then the music will leak and the person sitting next to you will also enjoy the music, kind of cool, right?


Nothing Ear Stick

Rahul Makwana

Nothing Ear Stick Review
Call Quality


If you’re that person who can pay a premium for design then you can consider the Nothing Ear Stick otherwise, I would recommend you save Rs 8499 or $99 and consider the Nothing Ear 1 or JBL Tune 130NC.


By the way, Nothing Ear Stick is sold via Flipkart and Myntra while it’s only available in white color.

Still, confused then you can always drop a comment and I will try my best to help you out.

Nothing Ear Stick Specifications

PriceRs 8,499 (India), $99 (USA), €119, £99
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2
FeaturesIP54 dust,
Water & sweat resistant
In-ear detection,
Fast Charging,
Google Fast Pair, and
Microsoft Swift Pair
Driver size12.6mm dynamic
CodecAAC and SBC
ApplicationNothing X
Weight4.4g (each earbud),
46.3g (charging case and buds)
Dimensions29.8×18.8×18.4mm (earbuds),
87.1×29.8×29.8mm (case)
BatteryCharging Via USB-C,
9 hours in 10 mins of charging,
28 hours of battery life with Case,
5 hours battery life with each bud,

Images by Tech Spurt

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