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  1. The Pixel 7 pro is so good with all the specs I need, I love the new look and colors of the phone, also the 7 Pro specs are great! The QHD+ LTPO OLED 120 Hz Display made with Gorilla Glass Victus is what I expected in this phone, this display is so great with colors, black level, and HDR! I’ve had no eye strain after using this phone for 2 days and the 6.7-inch phone suits my hands! The 5000 mAh Battery is the best for a high-end phone with a higher processor to run so it would run all day without draining out soon! 12 GB RAM is not even on my PC which is so huge but is this real, cause iPhones only have 4-6 GB ram and give a good performance than other phones? This phone is very smooth to use even when gaming it is not getting heated up because of the RAM and processor! I like the triple camera which looks wired but cool, a 50 MP wide camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera, and a 48 MP telephoto camera which gives out the best quality images that are so natural! I use a pixel camera on my old Redmi device it gives out great images that have no fake layers of sharpening and whites. Overall this phone is great but does have cons which all the phone does, software bugs, fingerprint sensors, and battery life which is not good but they can be enhanced with future updates!
    As I was searching for many cases for my Pixel 7 Pro, they all looked the same and made the phone bulky to use so I got this 3m skin from Gadgetshieldz which can self-heal the scratches and stick well and I love the new look!

      1. No doubt about that but when the phone is priced at 85k, it should have almost everything but in the case of Pixel 7 Pro, it doesn’t have a powerful processor but it does have solid cameras. So again, it’s not for everyone but it’s the best for those who wanted the best cameras and don’t care much about the performance.

  2. Why do you mention the fingerprint scanning. I have found no issues with mine but why would you even worry about this when facial unlock is available to users.

  3. Iam surprised with the stars for performance, it’s definitely on par with or better than almost any of the flagships;looks are subjective, feels the review has missed all the positives and want to make a point to recommend the pixel 7.