RealMe Watch S Pro Review with Pros and Cons

RealMe Watch S Pro Review
Image Credit: RealMe

These days, every single mobile brand has smartwatches, TWS earbuds, smart TVs and toothbrush too. Like everyone else, RealMe has also launched lots of IoT Products in India and including smartwatch. Today, they have launched another smartwatch but this one is a bit expensive than earlier launches.

The RealMe Watch S Pro is a premium smartwatch which offers almost everything that you can think of expect wearOS that’s right, RealMe is using its own Watch OS that means you can’t use some of the features. Before you spend 10k to buy RealMe Watch S Pro, let’s review the watch and see whether this is worth the price tag or not?

RealMe Watch S Pro Price in India

RealMe Watch S Pro is priced at Rs 9,999 in India and it’s available for pre-order from now and it will start shipping from 29th December 2020. The smartwatch is available in black colour option.

Display Quality

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Let’s put everything aside for movement and just look at the display. The smartwatch comes with 1.39-inches rounded AMOLED display with 454×454 pixel resolution. Just see the images, it looks amazing, I think RealMe has done a fantastic job with the display.

It has 420 nits of brightness that means it can be used outdoor as well as indoors without any problem. As this is AMOLED screen, there is always-ON display feature but keep in mind, when you use always-ON, the watch will drain hall lot of battery.

All in all, RealMe Watch S Pro has great display quality and there won’t be any problem while using the watch under the sunlight. It also has an auto-brightness sensor which works great at some time. I think RealMe needs to fix the auto-brightness sensor with OTA update, it’s not the worst but at 10k, it should work the best.

RealMe has promised 100 watch-faces but as of now, there are not many available in the RealMe Link app. So you have to wait for all the watch-faces which is listed on RealMe’s website. Also, you can see your face or any other image on a smartwatch which good feature.


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Talking about myself, I don’t like rounded watches, I prefer, pile-shape or something like Apple Watch. In short, the design is a personal preference, so if you like rounded watches then there won’t be any problem in using RealMe Watch S Pro.

The smartwatch also comes with the rotating crown but that’s just for the showcase, the crown won’t rotate like Galaxy watch. There are also two buttons present on the left side which can be used to go back and to go to the home screen. Now, the buttons do look like, it will rotate like apple watch but won’t, you have to press the buttons.

Realme has also launched some of the straps for the watch which you have to buy from RealMe website. With the watch, you will get the only black strap. Overall, Realme has done great job in-term of design, I think people will appreciate what Realme has done with the watch itself.

Build and Comfort

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This is Rs 9,999 that means, the build quality will be solid and it is. The RealMe Watch S Pro made out of Stainless Steel which looks premium, just look at the images, it’s one of its kind.

RealMe has given rubber strap with smartwatch but you grab Leather or Silicon strap from the RealMe website at Rs 499. Thing changes a little bit when it’s come weight, the watch weight is about 64 gram which is a bit heavy for a smartwatch.

So if haven’t wear heavy smartwatch in the past then it will take some time to get used to with RealMe Watch S Pro. Keep in mind, the weight will go up when you get Stainless Steel or any other third party strap.

Overall, the watch is heavy but the RealMe Watch S Pro will look great in your hands that’s what matters the most. In short, there is nothing to worry about comfort or built quality, RealMe has done great job.


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In the beginning, I said, let’s put everything aside and this is what I have saved for the last…

I don’t know why but RealMe didn’t go with Android WearOS that means you can’t pre-load any other apps. This is a big let down as most of the smartwatch watch at around 10k is using WearOS and here, RealMe choose to use their RealMe OS which gives fitness band vibe.

By the way, there is nothing to worry about performance there is no legs or frame drop or anything like that but not having WearOS in a smartwatch is bummer.

This is the main reason why don’t recommend this RealMe Watch S Pro to anyone, you can go with Xiaomi Mi Watch revolve. Here also, Xiaomi is not using pure WearOS, they have put custom UI on it but that custom UI is running on WearOS that means it has all the features that can be found on WearOS and additionally, Xiaomi has added some extra ones.

Long story short, just watch the video I have added above and if you like RealMe OS then just go for it but if not then don’t waste 10k on something that you don’t like.


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The Realme Watch S Pro has all the feature that can be found on the fitness tracker, like Automated Heart Rate Measurement, 24-Hour Heart Rate Measurement, Blood Oxygen Measurement, sleep tracking, Drink Reminder and some other that you already know.

Also, it comes with all the exercise mode, for example, Outdoor Run, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Swimming, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, and Cricket too. You can also go to Swimming as this is this water-resistant, there won’t be any problem while doing exercise or taking shower.

RealMe Watch S Pro Review

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The smartwatch comes with 1.39-inches rounded AMOLED display with 454×454 pixel resolution. Also, it can be used outside because the RealMe Watch S Pro has 420 nits of brightness that means you can see the screen under the sunlight without any problem.

It also has in-build GPS but RealMe didn’t say what kind of GPS they have used here. If you’re thinking that GPS will work smoothly then don’t think like that. I mean, Amaze Bip S has better GPS connection then Watch S Pro. In short, RealMe has given GPS but it’s not the best one.

RealMe Watch S Pro Sensors

  1. 6-axis Accelerometer Sensor
  2. Geomagnetic Sensor
  3. Gyroscope Sensor
  4. Heart Rate Sensor
  5. Wearing Monitoring Sensors
  6. GPS Tracker

Battery Life

RealMe Watch S Pro Price in India
Image Credit: RealMe

The RealMe Watch S Pro has 420 mAh battery. As per RealMe, the smartwatch will last for 14-days but in real life, the watch will last for 12-days when you tuned-OFF the always-on display and heart-rate monitoring.

Now, if you use always-on display and heart-rate monitoring then the battery will last for only 4-days. I know, 4-days seems less but it’s not, it’s a big number for a smartwatch, so there is nothing to complain about.


There is a lot to look at when you buy RealMe Watch S Pro and after checking everything, I feel, if you want great display quality and good looking smartwatch then RealMe Watch S Pro is worth to look at but if you want value for money product then it’s better to check some of the other smartwatches. For example, Amazfit GTS 2 or Mi watch revolve.

Do I recommend RealMe Watch S Pro

No, I don’t recommend RealMe Watch S Pro because of it’s OS and unstable GPS connection. The OS feels more like Fitness tracker which is not good felling for a smartwatch. RealMe should have gone with WearOS but they didn’t and this the biggest let down of this smartwatch.

If you want to buy it then buy it on your own risk.

RealMe Watch S Pro Pros and Cons

Great Display Quality Complicated OS
Solid Build Quality Feels like Fitness Band
Good Battery Life Bit Pricey
Unstable GPS Connection

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