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Online Marketing

Nowadays online marketing is a huge word because in 2020 we have seen a huge growth in online marketing, more and more people are learning how to earn money online, how to market products online and the main thing is how to be Number one (01) in Online platform right, so today I will teach you how exactly Online marketing works and how to be successful

There are many ways to market your self online and mostly in a various platform like, for YouTube or your Blog or maybe on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and for each kind of platform you need a different strategy

First, let’s talk about YouTube because right now every single person has YouTube Channel 

From my perspective, YouTube is one of the best platforms for marketing because you are not going to pay any money but you need to create some great content for your audience and you need to understand what they want from you, and once you understood  what they want, and then you can market whatever you want on your YouTube Channel

But yes, first of all, you need to build some audience and gain their trust, and your good to go…

And you are from India then you must start YouTube channel right now because we have a large audience and if they liked content than I think you will gonna rock, so if you don’t have YT Channel what are you waiting for creating right now

Coming to Website or Blog 

Like YouTube, it’s not free but of course, you can create a blog for free, but if you are serious about making money online then first buy a Domain Name for your website & second buy Hosting, and your good to go

Start writing anything you want but, choose only one topic like Technology, Cooking, health, or any other topic and write related  that particular topic

But first of all, you need to learn how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and how you can rank your post on the first page of Google. And if you don’t know anything than watch video given down below that might help you a lot…

Finally Let’s talk about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

As I told you earlier you need to engage with your audience and if you know what your audience is looking for than they will automatically follow you on every ware

First of all start with YouTube because if you have a thousand subscribers on YT and if that thousand subscribers liked your content then they will automatically follow you every ware

So the end of the story is start something that you love and if you love what you are doing right now then you will get success one day, and if want to learn something new then try those stuff out

Thank you for reading this post, hope you like it and if you do then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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