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CES2019 : World’s first Foldable phone, Thought & Quick overview

Royale Flexpia launched

CES2019 is on fire right now and we already have seen too many techs in January 2019  but there is one device that takes all the attention and yes if you are thinking about Royale Flexpia than you are right because we never saw Foldable phone before this one right, so let’s take a closer look at this beautiful Foldable phone.

Talking about Foldable devices, for now, there is only two mobile company who showcase their upcoming foldable phone. The first one is, of course, Royale Flexpia and the second one is Samsung and incoming time Apple & Huawei will introduce their devices.

Royole Flexpia showcases their World’s first Foldable phone in CES2019. And overall device looks great but of course as we talked earlier about Royole Flexpia, the device still have some negative side

When you hold Royole Flexpia in your hand you will realize what I’m talking about, so if you want what I’m talking about then click here  

So yes in 2019 we are going to see foldable devices but I think it’s too earlier to predict. But definitely, it will take some time to see  perfect Foldable phone, and for now, Samsung is making device and Huawei  also file a patent for Foldable phone, and Apple is also working on Foldable devices but it will launch in 2021 as per rumours

And Foldable devices is going to be very very expensive as compared to normal smartphones, so yes if you are planning to buy that device then start saving right now …

CES2019 is the place for all the tech company who want to showcase their upcoming tech gadget, so if you are interested in technology than do check out our CES2019 coverage

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