how to update Fire Stick TV

Amazon is rolling out new UI to its Fire Stick TV but it’s still in face mode, so this will take some time to reach everywhere. Currently, I’m using Fire Stick TV lite and still, it’s running on OLD UI. Now, if you want to see whether your Fire Stick TV got a new update or not then just follow the setup which I have mentioned below.

How to Update Amazon Fire Stick TV

1] Turn-On Fire Stick TV, once it’s ON you will see home screen.

how to update Fire Stick TV

2] Now, go to the Setting options.

how to update Fire Stick TV

2] There you will see, My Fire TV, click on it. Then scroll down to about.

how to update Fire Stick TV

3] As you can see I have Fire Stick TV Lite. Now, just scroll down below and click on Check for Updates.

how to update Fire Stick TV

4] If Fire TV has new update then it will be updated automatically.

how to update Fire Stick TV

5] In my case, Fire TV has new update, so it started downloading.

That’s it, you just updated Fire Stick.


It is very easy to update Fire Stick TV yet if you didn’t know then you just learn something new today. Still, if don’t able to update your Fire TV Stick then do let me know in the comment box below.

By the way, Fire TV stick lets you stream movies and TV shows with the help of internet. So if you don’t have Smart TV then it’s better to invest in Fire Stick TV, this way, your normal TV can be transferred into a smart TV.


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