How to Post Photos on Instagram from PC: No third party software needed

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It’s been years and still, you can’t post anything on Instagram from PC. I know you may have read tons of article online but most of them are saying, you need to use particular software to post on Instagram using PC. I’m not gonna tell you to download anything on your PC because if you can do it official then why you need third party software.

You may have heard about Facebook Creator studio, if not then let me tell you what it is?

Basically, you can use Facebook Creator studio to see analytics and you can also post anything on Facebook using Creator studio, like, what you can do with YouTube Creator studio.

Here is a new thing, Facebook recently added Instagram into the Creator studio that means you can see Instagram photos, Videos, IGTV analytics in the Facebook Creator studio. You just need to link your Instagram account into Facebook Creator studio.

Now you will say, How to connect my Instagram Page to Facebook Creator studio, don’t worry I got you cover

1] Just go to this Facebook Creator studio page and click on “Try Out Now”. When you click on that button, Facebook will ask your Instagram ID and password, just fill the information and that’s it, you just linked your Instagram account into Facebook Creator studio

How to Post Photos on Instagram from PC

2] Now you will see Create Post button on top-left side of your PC, click on that button

How to Post Photos on Instagram from PC

3] Now, choose what you want to post, it could be image, Video or IGTV.

4] When you click on Instagram Feed, new window will come from right side of your PC.

5] Here you can write discerption for Post, add some images and when you finish everything, click on publish button

How to Post Photos on Instagram from PC

6] You can also post same images on Facebook too, just click on Post to Facebook.

How to Post Photos on Instagram from PC 5

7] You can see, we have successfully posted images on Instagram without any third party software. We just used Facebook Creator studio.

Bonus Tip

You can post that same image on all of your Facebook Pages at the same time, click on multiple Videos. Also, you can schedule Images.


There is no need to use any kind of software to post images on Instagram using a PC. Just follow the instruction which I have mention right here, still, if you have any question about the process the do let me know.

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