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Nowadays everyone wants to earn money online and yes there are too many ways that you can earn money online but you need to choose an only platform because you can’t do all the stuff at the same time and previously we talked about how you can earn money with YouTube and quite of you are curious to know which other ways we can earn money, that’s why today I gonna talk about websites and how you can earn money with a website. So let’s find out more about blogging

Buy Domain and Hosting

First of all, you need to decide what kind of stuff you want to write in your website or if you have your business than you can open your shop online and for that, you need a website, so, first of all, decide which kind of thing you like to do, but if you already have an idea in your mind then let’s jump into next step

Second buy a domain name for your business or your website, like my website I know you have a bunch of question in your mind like, how to buy a domain name,  what is hosting and so on, now what you can do is just visit a website that provides a domain name & Hosting like Godaddy, Hostgator or Bigrock, those are top website where you can buy your domain name and host

The good thing about those websites is, they have 24*7 help service that means you can directly contact them and ask whatever you want to ask and they will respond you very quickly. So yes if have any question regarding website like, which is a best hosting plan for me, how much hosting plan will cost or which is the best domain for my business, you can ask anything and they will give you a proper answer

About cost personally, Godaddy has cheapest domain plans and Bigrock has cheapest hosting plans and yes you can buy hosting and domain from separate websites but if you don’t know anything about hosting then I will recommend you to buy hosting and domain from one website and it could be Godaddy or Bigrock but if you are  buying for the first time then I will recommend you to buy hosting and domain from Godaddy but of course this is what I feel because I had great experience Godaddy but the end of it’s your choice

Select Your Website Topic

I hope You purchased a hosting and domain name from one of those websites. Now just connect your domain to your hosting penal and if you don’t know then just open my YouTube channel and check out how to connect that two stuff

Now just do what I am doing right now, I mean to start writing on your website like me. But of course, if you are running a business than the open store on your website with the woo-commerce plugin and good thing about woo-commerce is that it will give a choice of how you want to build your store and it’s kind easy even for a beginner, so built what you love on your website and start doing it

Apply for Advertisement

And when you feel like now I am getting a good amount of traffic on my website then apply for Google Adsense or or Facebook audience network. If your website approved on one of those platforms than put ads on your website and you will get a good amount of money

Extra Note :

Every website takes some time to get a good amount of traffic, so don’t lose your hope and keep working. Keep in mind only buy hosting & domain name if you love writing or if you love what you are doing because to get traffic on a website is not that easy, it will take 1 year or 2 years or if you work hard then it can be done in 6 months.

Good luck on your new journey! 

I hope you get your answer but if not, then let us know in the comment section below.

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